Eric and Liz


Hello! We’re Eric and Liz, and we live near Seattle, Washington. We grew up in the Midwest and met as coworkers in 2003. Soon after we met, we connected over a love of electronic music, dry humor, cats, and travel. After several years together, we got married in our living room in 2011, and we moved to the Seattle area from the Midwest in 2012. We love the beauty and big city life we’ve found in the Pacific Northwest.

Liz is a senior manager at a local software company, where she enjoys solving problems and learning something new every day. In her downtime, Liz can often be found coloring while our cat snoozes on her lap. She also likes to create new recipes, read books, and listen to podcasts. Liz is the family planner and organizer, managing our social calendar, our weekly meal plan, and arranging spontaneous weekend excursions. Eric is a stay-at-home spouse, home barista, and chief cat wrangler. He takes care of household chores and errands like a boss, and he will be a fantastic, nurturing stay-at-home dad when we become parents. He’s already making dad jokes! When Eric isn’t busy running the household, he likes to play PC games, listen to a wide variety of music, grow his photography skills, and discover new hobbies.

Our neighborhood has cottage-style homes with friendly neighbors and lots of pets. We live with our older orange tabby cat named Samson, who is full of personality and affection. We chose our house because it is cozy, in a safe neighborhood, and perfectly suited for family life. Our home is filled with photos and art, it usually smells like fresh baked goods, and we almost always have music playing.

We are nerds at heart, and enjoy playing video games, talking about science and politics, and watching movies together. On weekends, we like to go on road trips, wander the local markets in Seattle, go to comedy shows and concerts, take long walks around our neighborhood, cook amazing meals, and spend time with our friends. We truly enjoy spending time together, and we have a great support system of local friends who are like family to us. We visit friends and family back in the Midwest a couple times a year, keeping up family traditions like going to state fairs and celebrating birthdays and holidays. We’ve been together for a long time, but every year is better than the last because we work together to ensure our relationship is supportive, loving, equal, and honest—and we never lose our sense of humor.

We have built an amazing life together and believe our life will only get better when we become parents. Everyone in our life—friends, family, coworkers—are so excited to welcome you, our child, and his or her birth family into the fold. We believe that our responsibility as parents is to provide support, unconditional love, and unwavering encouragement for our child to figure out who they are and who they want to be. We are choosing open adoption because we would love you to be part of our life, and because we want our child to be surrounded by everyone who loves him or her. We want to get to know you, create new inside jokes and memories, and have fun stories about our times together.

Thank you for reading our letter. We wish you the best!

Eric and Liz

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