Emma and Ronen



We are Emma and Ronen (Ro) and we live in Seattle with our son, Isaiah, and our cats, Simone and Didier. We are really excited to expand our family through adoption. We have loved every day of being Isaiah’s parents and we can’t wait to welcome another child and that new child’s birth family into all of our lives.

We met at a local Greek festival, and we soon realized that we were a great fit for each other. We are very different people in some ways, but share core values of open communication, honesty and empathy. Emma is a marine scientist, a career that grew from a love of nature and discovery. Ro is an attorney, a career that is a good fit due to his ease with people and love of debate. While we have a great relationship, we know that keeping good family dynamics takes work and we have made a commitment to being open and receptive about our opinions and feelings.

We share common passions as well as exploring new ones together. We both really enjoy our jobs, but we also firmly believe in making time for family and fun. We love to cook, especially for those we love, and we make an effort to sit down to a technology-free family dinner every night. Our shared love of travel has brought us all over the US as well as to England, France, Spain, New Zealand, and Fiji. Isaiah has joined us in our travels and already has a few stamps in his passport.

We believe that children are more receptive to the diversity of the world if they have the opportunity to experience it firsthand. We also love to share our experiences – from grocery shopping to camping to concerts – with our son. He is a happy and sociable boy, characteristics we believe in part come from the fact that we try to expose him to the world around him, while always making sure he feels safe and secure. We are lucky to live in a great neighborhood, with lots of young families, and even more lucky to have Isaiah’s grandparents and uncles nearby. We are excited to share our lives and experiences with our new child, who will also have a loving older brother to show him or her the way. We have been interested in pursuing adoption for a while, and when we learned about open adoption, we knew it was right for us. We value openness in our lives, and believe the approach of open adoption creates the best environment for us, our child, and his or her birth family.

We are really looking forward to meeting you, hearing your story, and sharing any more information about us that you want to know.

Emma, Ronen, Isaiah, and the cats (Simone and Didier)

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