Emily and Eric


We know you are reading several of these letters as you consider the best possible future for you and your child. We hope this letter will offer a glimpse into our family and what it would be like for you and your child to be a part of our family. We are Eric and Emily. We are grateful to be the proud parents of Amber, 17, Dakota, 16, and Christian, 11. We met in 2013 while attending church. Eric had just moved to Oregon for work from Arizona, while Emily and the kids were in town visiting family. We are all so thankful we happened to attend church that week together. We officially became a family in a small, fun Lego themed wedding six months later. Our children had an important role in the ceremony that united all five of us into one family. Emily even made the Lego Castle wedding cake herself!

Eric is an intelligent hard worker Software Engineer. As a dad who works from home, Eric is able to spend more time with the kids building Legos, playing games, watching movies, helping with homework, taking bike rides, walking the dogs and going to the kids’ sport games and choir concerts. Eric visits Malawi, Africa every year for three weeks, to help preach to remote villages. Eric enjoys seeing how friendly, excited and appreciative many villagers are to see that we care about them in the United States enough to come visit.

Emily is a loving mother who is full of compassion, creativity and adventure. Some of her favorite things to do with her family are taking cruises, building sand castles at the beach and playing games. With the support of their family, Emily and Amber enjoy the adventure of running a home bakery together. Emily enjoys shopping for bargains on clothing, toys and books that Eric takes with him for families in Malawi. Although Emily is very busy there is always time at the end of the day for gathering her family around the table and sharing dinner together.

Amber is graduating high school this year and has already been accepted into the college of her choice. She has plans to become a Medical Assistant and later a Registered Nurse. Amber’s most memorable experience was teaching Bible class to about 100 children in the villages of Malawi. The children were so excited to color with crayons, paint with watercolors and listen to the stories she read to them. Her favorite part was seeing their eyes light up when she passed out toys, books and shoes to them!

Dakota who also goes by Cody, enjoys playing football and wrestling for his high school. Cody loves to cook and experiment with different flavors to create his own recipes. Our favorite is his Lasagna which is made with homemade tomato sauce he calls “Mama Sauce” and noodles from scratch! His favorite classes in school are Agriculture (gardening) and Childcare! He enjoys working in his high school’s preschool where he plays games, reads stories and makes lesson plans for the children.

Christian enjoys playing video games, learning computer programming, reading comic books and riding his bike. He loves to challenge his brother to bike races, Virtual Reality games and even food eating contests that he records and posts to his kids YouTube Channel. Christian has always loved swimming, so we set up a heated pool in our garage this year so we can all enjoy swimming with him. He participates in junior wrestling classes and is so excited to wrestle for his high school one day, like his brother!

We live in a quiet neighborhood located near many parks in a suburb of a large city in the Pacific Northwest. Our children attend the public schools with many of the neighborhood children, which includes a wide range of ages and ethnic diversity. We have extended family that live in the same neighborhood as us. Our kids even attend the same school as some of their cousins. We value education and know that no two children learn alike. We support our children to have access to resources that enhance their learning such as tutors and learning specialists. Our family values are simple but extremely important to teach to our children. We want them to be kind and respect everyone! Unity can exist at home as well as in this world as long as we are kind and respect each other.

We want you to always feel welcomed, supported and involved in our family throughout your child’s life. We will strive to provide a child a safe and stable home, a strong education, emotional support, financial support, guidance and unconditional love. We wish you the best as you explore your hopes and dreams for yours and your child’s future.