Em and Ann


Hello! We are Em, Ann, and Ezra and we’re looking forward to meeting you!

We’ve been together for seven years (Ezra for 2 years) and are working on building our family even more through open adoption once again. We hang out a lot on our ½ acre urban farm in NE Portland, Oregon with our two dogs, cat and twelve chickens. We have a veggie garden where we grow our own food and love to cook up meals with our friends and neighbors. Our community is very tight; we help one another with projects, watch movies outside in our big ‘ol yards, go to live music in the park and help each other with our kids and pets.

We’ve traveled all over the world together and that helps us stay strong in our relationship. We start most days sharing coffee (and milk for Ezra) and walking our dogs all together. You can usually find us dancing, goofing around, sharing food and laughing a lot, like a lot- we try and keep our lives lighthearted. We are a great team, we like to get stuff done and also know when to slow down and relish our joyful lives. Ezra is involved in every project, job and joke that we share. We like to share these memories and moments with Ezra’s birth family through visits, pictures and regular texts.

Em works from home in the energy efficiency world, loves her job and has a ton of flexibility. Originally from the Midwest, Em’s twin sister now lives in Seattle with Em’s nephews who both spend a ton of time with us in Portland. Em’s parents also visit frequently and are planning to move to Portland soon. Em loves to cook, dress up the dogs in Halloween costumes and listen to Christmas music year-round (when Ann’s not around to turn it off!) Em is also a fly fisher and keeps the freezer stocked year-round with salmon.

Ann runs a garden design and consulting company. She is a former Emergency Room Nurse and now works as a contracted nurse in various hospitals. Ann is an only child and grew up in rural Pennsylvania where her parents still live. Ann loves an adventure, loves being outside and relishes any project that requires getting dirty. She and Ezra can often be found playing together outside.

We want you to know that our foundation and view towards open adoption is based on a great deal of respect, honesty and openness. We are filled with so much love and hope and excitement for this next adventure of welcoming another child into our family. We can’t wait!

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