Hi! This is Elvio! I am thrilled to become a Dad and now, more than ever, I feel ready to welcome a child and their birth family into my life.

I was born and raised in Palmanova, a small town in Italy. The “star city” is located in the Northeast of Italy, just few miles from beautiful Venice and the border with Slovenia and Austria. This location has been very significant in my life as I was born and raised in a cultural melting pot.

After 10 years of sailing around the world in navy, cargo, and cruise ships as a Navigation Officer, I feel extremely fortunate to have put down my roots in the Seattle area 5 years ago where I can pursue my dream of becoming a dad. Growing up in Italy with strong family values, I have been waiting for this moment my entire life. Together with my two brothers, their fiancé, my dad in Italy, my close relatives in Vancouver BC, and my strong friendships here in Seattle, we are all excited to welcome a new little person into our journey. My mom passed away a few years ago, but I know she is proud and is cheering for me from wherever she is.

I have spent most of my life traveling and still take every opportunity to explore new places around the world and the Pacific Northwest. I have a tradition of gathering with my family back in Italy twice a year. During this time, we often enjoy ski trips or road trips, and we always appreciate each other’s company. Around Seattle, I love to be out on the water. I enjoy nature and camping, as well as hiking and I am always discovering new places to share with my friends and family when they visit. Going to the gym is also a passion and I love going after work three to four times a week to spend time with my gym friends. I am a passionate cook and often make my mum’s recipes from scratch. The pandemic brought out my cooking skills, which have greatly improved; I am most proud of my homemade bread. My dog, Mario, is also happy to join me in the kitchen as he waits patiently for me to accidently drop food.

I was drawn to open adoption because I believe that including all of the people who love a child in their life will nurture them and create a better life for that child. Connecting with an extended family is what excites me the most about the open adoption. Sharing picture and achievements, visiting each other’s during weekends and why not, share holidays can be a good way to stay connected and bound with the child. These are all things that make me happy.

My approach to being a parent is to love and support my child in every capacity possible. I always felt loved and supported by my own parents and will use my life experiences to be the best parent I can possibly be. I have a stable environment where I can fulfill the dynamic needs, hopes, and dreams of my child. I am reliable, a problem solver, and I am supportive. I am also easy to talk to, fun to be with, and I have a zest for life. I am looking forward to welcoming a child to my community, and know that they will have all of the support, love, and structure for growth and a wonderful future.

Hoping to meet you soon! Respectfully, Elvio

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