Elizabeth and Aaron


Hello, we are Elizabeth, Aaron, and Addie. We were overjoyed to start our family through open adoption in 2017, welcoming our ever-curious and silly daughter Addie and her birth family into our lives. And now we are looking forward to the journey of growing our family again through open adoption.

We are lucky to call Seattle home and enjoy living near the heart of the city while being surrounded by many parks, beaches, and community spots. On evenings and weekends, you’ll find us playing with Addie, cooking meals with family or friends, or having an impromptu dance party in the living room. When we’re not home, you’ll find us at the park, on our sailboat, enjoying our neighborhood farmer’s market or coffee shops, or taking a weekend escape along the West Coast to visit family and friends. We marvel at watching Addie’s amazement and excitement for every encounter near and far.

It is Elizabeth’s nature to nurture everyone around her – friends have called her “Mama Liz” since her first week of college. She helps lead a women-owned company that engages the public on tough community issues, so it goes without saying that open communication is at her core. Elizabeth loves cooking for everyone, laughing until her stomach hurts, and singing and dancing along with just about any music. And, magically all these loves have become favorite Mama activities with Addie. She loves nightly lullaby time and is excited for another little one to snuggle with and sing to in the years ahead.

Aaron is a Seattle native, and met Elizabeth while both were attending the University of Washington. He is a calm, patient, fun-loving guy who is quick to find common ground with everyone he meets. Aaron works part time for a local environmental firm, helping protect salmon streams and restore shorelines. He loves that his schedule gives him more time at home with Addie. Aaron is excited to continue to share the beautiful outdoors with our growing family, and geek out on school projects in the years ahead.

Since we met and fell in love 15 years ago, we have built a strong bond and partnership with each other. Continuing to grow, learn, and laugh as parents has been a joy, and we are excited to share our love with another child and watch the magic and chaos of siblings take place! We have seen firsthand and strongly believe in the richness that comes from sharing traditions from both the birth family and our own families.

We are lucky to have two sets of grandparents nearby who are actively involved in our lives and in showing Addie the same unconditional love, stability and inspiration that they showed us as kids.

In our family, food is something that brings people together. For us, a bigger table is a happier table. We have cherished welcoming Addie’s birth family into our lives and look forward to welcoming our second child’s birth family to our home and table as well. Through shared stories and time together, we hope that open adoption will allow our children to explore their roots, and to grow lifelong connections to all parts of themselves.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us. We really look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. – Aaron, Elizabeth & Addie

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