Hi there – I’m Doug! The preparation and journey for parenthood has come with great intention and having a child will only enhance my life’s experience. The innocence, laughter, fun, development, and awareness that exists in a little human growing into a bigger human is incomparable.

I work in early childhood education in human resources. My work directly relates to seeing people learn, grow, and have a positive impact on others. I believe I contribute to the good of the world by helping others see their greatest potential, and then allowing them to take risks, fail forward, and try again as they grow themselves. And for me that’s what being a parent is all about! I live in Portland, OR and am an Oregonian born and raised outside of 2.5 years I spent in NYC and Chicago. What an adventure that was!

I’ve been described as an old soul. Through quite a range of life experiences, I’ve developed a strong resilience that works for myself and is a model for others. I am empathetic, fun, playful, dependable, curious, and connect well with others. I love to sing! It has been a thread woven throughout my life, and it has been a key to me not only just surviving but thriving.

My flexibility allows me to be fully present for every road life offers. I take the time to understand what’s needed and build a path forward. I lead with positivity. I communicate effectively. I openly express my emotions. I give hugs. I am usually smiling. I am sarcastic and love a good dad joke. My home is warm and welcoming and a place of peace for myself and others to enjoy with a big grassy backyard for running through the sprinkler and playing tag. With a local park one block away, the swing sets are available at my leisure – one of my favorite activities to clear my head.

A lifelong learner, my curiosity contributes to discoveries and self-development. Travel and cooking are two centering forces that are not only fun but teach me things along the way. I’ve been to several countries and am lover of food from a good ole pb&j to a gourmet plated meal.

I’ve already started a savings account that will grow over time for our child to access for education or travel as they desire. I’ve been building a meaningful library of books inclusive of topics surrounding race and diverse families. I have a dedicated group of core friends and family that will forever be involved in the life of our child and a strong support for me along the way. And, I look forward to welcoming your family as we embark on this life path together.

I truly believe this future kiddo will have their needs met – not because of me, but because of us. As an extended family of biology and biography, we can create a world where our child can thrive. We will help shape a respectful, smart, loving, caring, and kind human. Open adoption provides substantial structures for a child to deeply know they are wanted, loved and understood. And this is what we can accomplish, together.

Thank you for your consideration and allowing me to share a bit of myself with you.


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