Donna and Andrew


Hello! Our names are Donna and Andrew. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit.
We first met each other in college, back in 2002. We started off as casual friends. A couple of years later, when we finally got to know each other better, we discovered how much we had in common and how much we made each other laugh. Now we have been married for over a decade. Like any couple, we’ve had our challenges along the way, but we’ve remained best friends and life partners throughout it all. We feel so lucky to have found a relationship with another person that is grounded in respect, honesty, friendship and, of course, unconditional love.

We’ve made a happy home for ourselves in NE Portland, which we share with our dog and two cats. Andrew’s interests include biking, indoor bouldering and making groan worthy puns whenever possible. Donna enjoys crocheting, playing the ukulele and looking up unimportant facts on the internet. Together we go to art museums and theater shows, attend beer festivals and root for our favorite sports teams (go Blazers!). We also love catching the latest comic book movies, playing video games, watching creative reality competition shows and making up songs about our pets.

We both feel lucky to be in a position where we are passionate about, and fulfilled by, our work. Donna has worked with children ranging from one and a half to six years old in Montessori classrooms for the past ten years. Andrew teaches fine arts and theater at a university and oversees an internship program that employs college students. We love the energy, humor, creativity and thoughtfulness young people bring to everything they do. While at times our jobs can be challenging, they are also extremely rewarding, often fun, and never boring!

It has been a long-time dream of ours to have children. For us, starting a family has led us on a longer journey than we had initially expected. While it has not been an easy path, we are so excited that it has finally led us here. As educators, we have long believed in the importance of respecting and loving every child for who they are. When we began to consider adoption, we looked to find a practice that would reflect those same values of love and respect for children. This led us to open adoption. No other approach offers more respect to the child and where they come from. That same love and respect will also extend to our child’s birth family. We hope to work to create an open adoption relationship that is built around honesty, openness and love.

We cannot wait to welcome a child into our lives, to share with him or her all of the things we love, and to learn about the things they will come to love as well.

Wishing you the very best,
Donna and Andrew

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