Denise and Jeff


Hi! We’re Denise and Jeff.

It’s been our dream to raise children together from almost the day we met. In 2008, Denise rented Jeff’s house while he traveled for the summer. She was going to move out when Jeff came home, but instead we found that the spark we felt when we first met had grown. Jeff moved back and Denise never left!

A few months later, while dancing at a party, Jeff leaned in and said “Let’s get married and raise some kids.” Once Jeff picked out a ring, he proposed formally. In May 2010, Denise’s best friend and Jeff’s best friend married us in a field and we danced with family and friends until the generator ran out of gas and the lights went out.

For work, we help people and animals. Denise spent close to a decade as an attorney working for animal welfare, and now works for a nonprofit that helps at-risk kids through creative writing and theatre. Jeff uses technology to fight poverty and help people recover from disasters all over the world.

For fun we like to explore the Northwest with our dogs. We hike with them and chase them around the beach. We go to movies, concerts, and comedy shows. We enjoy experiencing different cultures and foods—there isn’t a food cart we won’t try. Denise is creative and likes working with her hands. She makes jewelry, dog toys, halloween costumes, flower arrangements, and greeting cards. She can make pretty much anything. Jeff loves to ride his bike and fly paragliders. We both love travel. We honeymooned in Tanzania and have played with lemurs in Madagascar.

Family is very important to us and we stay connected to our relatives near and far. Between the two of us, we have family in Southern California, Boston, Connecticut, Seattle, Olympia and also right near home. We love spending time with all of them and are especially close to Denise’s sister, husband and our young nephew who live a five minute walk from us. All of our family members are excited to have a new child join the family.

We also have a big family of fun, interesting, creative, and kind friends—in our home city, and around the world. It makes us very happy to have friends in places as varied as Mexico and Mongolia, China and Colombia, Ghana, India, and, Jeff’s favorite, Uganda. They too can’t wait to help out and be a part of our child’s life.

We have so many hopes and wishes for our children! That they experience and learn everything the world has to offer. That they get to know our friends here at home and our friends from around the world. That they enjoy learning, sports, arts, and the Pacific Northwest’s outdoors. Most of all we want them to grow to be happy, kind, proud, strong people who know, every minute of their lives, that they are loved—by their adoptive family, their birth family, and their friends.

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