Denise and Jeff


Hi! We’re Denise, Jeff, and Tavie.

We live in the beautiful state of Oregon. It’s been our dream to raise kids together from the beginning. We met in 2008. Later that summer, while dancing, Jeff leaned in and said “Let’s get married and raise some kids!” Denise smiled and agreed! So in 2010 we married in a field and danced until the generator ran out of gas and the lights went out.

In summer of 2018 Tavie’s birthmom (B-Ma) asked to meet us—a week later Tavie was born. Tavie (short for Octavia) is a happy, curious, goofy ball of energy. B-Ma and Tavie’s birth sister live half-an-hour away and we enjoy hanging out and watching Tavie and her b-sis play. Tavie loves other kids, especially her best friend Malcolm, also in an open adoption through OA&FS, who is a few months younger, a few inches taller, and a perfect playmate.

For work, we help people and animals. Denise used to work as a lawyer helping animals, as a fundraiser helping kids heal through art, and as a funder for environmental nonprofits. Now she’s a full time mom to Tavie! Jeff, a computer nerd, helps organizations with social missions find better ways to use technology.

For fun, we have adventures—such as reading books, exploring outdoors, drawing, and having get-your-wiggles-out ‘dance parties’. We walk our dog, and visit the neighborhood parks and playgrounds. Denise is creative—making crafts, halloween costumes, flower arrangements, greeting cards, writing, and singing. Jeff loves to ride his bike and fly paragliders. We share a love for travel, food, and laughter.

Family is important to us. We stay connected to our relatives near and far. We have family in California, Boston, Connecticut, Seattle and also right near home—Jeff’s mom lives a few blocks away with a giant yard and a fantastic playroom. We hang out in person and video chat with Tavie’s B-Ma and b-sister regularly. We are grateful for our chosen family of friends and other adoptive families of color, a supportive community that meets at least monthly.

We are excited to grow our family and to share our love and community with another kid and birth family. Jeff and Denise both grew up in households with three siblings and we’ve always envisioned many kids running around! We also think it’s important, as a mixed race family (Asian and White), to share and to continue learning how to navigate race and identity with our kids as they grow up.

We have so many hopes and dreams for our kids! That they experience what the world has to offer. That they get to know our friends here at home and our friends around the world. That they enjoy learning, sports, arts, and the outdoors. That they can be themselves, and appreciate others who are different from them. That they go to college and build good lives for themselves. Most of all, we want them to be happy, kind, confident people who know that they are loved—by their adoptive family, their birth family, and their friends.

If you choose an open adoption with us, we welcome you to be part of our chosen family! Thank you for considering us.
Denise & Jeff & Tavie

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