Denise and Andrew


 Hi! We are Denise and Andrew.

We are looking forward to expanding our family and are eager to see who will come into our lives as this journey moves forward. As you read this, we want you to know that we have a great deal of respect and compassion for you as you figure out which decisions are best.

We met as young teens at a summer camp. It wasn’t until quite a few years later that we became a couple and we’ve been together now for 22 years, married for the last 19. We enjoy each other’s company whether we’re spending time at home with our three-year-old daughter or visiting family and friends. Our strong connection has thrived during both challenging and easy times.

We call the Pacific Northwest home and live among great neighbors, parks, schools, and playgrounds. Our family and friends join us on fun adventures, both at home and away. We spend summer days taking walks, visiting local playgrounds, gardening and spending time in our yard, swimming at pools and playing at the beach.  During the cooler and rainy months we still go on walks around our neighborhood, but we also enjoy the warmth of our home. Making yummy food, playing silly games with our daughter, and listening to music are some of our favorite winter activities. Denise has lots of fun when she dances to the latest hip-hop songs. Andrew prefers to sing along with more folksy music.

Andrew is a veterinarian and Denise is a naturopathic doctor. Both Andrew and Denise’s jobs allow for flexible schedules. Denise has been home with our daughter full time and working occasionally when Andrew stays home. We’ve managed to always be readily available for our daughter and look forward to continuing this lifestyle. After having been parents for three years, we are now whole-heartedly ready to parent another child and expand our family.

Our parenting style is nurturing and loving.  Our home atmosphere has ample time to be playful, which can be a great way for children to learn and is fun for everyone. We look forward to doing things with our child-to-be like going to neighborhood playgrounds, relaxing in our yard, dancing and singing around the house to good music, reading books out loud using goofy voices, playing with toys indoors when it’s stormy outside, and simply enjoying spending time together. We encourage curiosity and always delight in children’s discovery of who they are and the world around them. We will do everything we possibly can to provide what our children need to thrive and enjoy life, such as offering love, acceptance, a supportive community, a quality education, guidance, encouragement, and attunement to their individual needs.

We are thrilled to be a part of a second open adoption. Our family of three was created through open adoption. We both have siblings, cousins, and friends who were adopted and both of our families are transracial. We have seen first hand how a loving and connected family can be formed through adoption and how familial love can know no bounds. We believe that open adoption is the best opportunity for an adopted child to develop a healthy sense of self and belonging. We are looking forward to having our child-to-be know his or her birthfamily and family history. We value open and empathetic communication and will incorporate this in our relationship with our child and with you. Open adoption provides children with as much love as possible from everyone involved. Sounds good to us! Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We would consider it an honor to share the next steps of this journey with you.


Denise and Andrew

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