Dawn and Troy


We are Troy and Dawn; we met in 1996 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dawn moved there from Oregon to go to Massage School and Troy grew up there. It really was love at first sight. We’ve been together ever since, moved to Oregon, and married in 2002. We are a perfect balance for each other. With Dawn’s go-getterness and Troy’s patience we make a great team.

We have a healing arts practice which gives us the freedom to make our own schedules. We enjoy playing music, being in nature and hanging with our two cats, Mabula and Jasper who we love dearly. We have always wanted to be parents and are excited that through adoption we will be able to nurture a child and share our love.

We are excited to support a child in any of his or her interests, as well as teach them the things we know and love about life, love, music and being proud of who they are. We love the spirit of open adoption because it encompasses all in the process and includes everyone’s well-being.

I started tap dancing at age 6 and just kept on dancing. I teach some and do special performances. Also I like to play all kinds of drums and music. Music and dance have always been a way to express myself and find healing. I suffered from some medical challenges starting as a teen and it taught me how to be strong and endure tough times. It also brought me to the field and study of Massage Therapy, nutrition, and many avenues of wellness. I am in excellent health now and live a life focused on health and balance. I enjoy Yoga meditation as a way to balance and give direction to my life. I am looking forward to using the skills gained through meditation in parenting and in nurturing an open hearted relationship with our child’s birth
family. People say I’m loving, compassionate, motivated, and know how to get things done.

I grew up in a small town. My father is African American and my Mother is Iroquois Indian and New Mexican. Having had to learn to connect all parts of my family with myself will help me to guide our child in their journey. I am a musician and massage therapist. Music has always been a big part of my life and is my favorite form of expression. My massage practice is focused on intuition and alternative ways of healing, including Sound Therapy. I believe strongly in treating others as I would like to be treated and strive to be compassionate in all situations. I embrace the fact that we are all human and this helps me stay grounded when life gets rough. People describe me as fun, quick witted, dependable, and always willing to lend a helping hand.

We envision a beautiful life with our child and our child’s birth family, which includes compassion, patience, and love. We want our child to know and be connected with their birth family so they can feel connected to all parts of themselves. We will strive to make the birth parents part of our life, and encourage our child to have an open relationship with their birth parents always.

Thank you for considering us. Wishing you the very best

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