David and Matt


Hi! We are David and Matt. We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us and hope to learn about you, too!

We met hiking with mutual friends and hit it off immediately. It started to rain, and there was some amazing jumping in mud puddles. That moment really set the tone for us as a couple!  Never missing out on a moment to laugh and enjoy life! After getting to know each other on long hikes, over great meals, and with each other’s family and friends, David asked Matt to marry him on an 18-mile day hike surrounded by alpine lakes and mountains. We got married in 2011 and settled into our first home together in a vibrant neighborhood in Seattle.

At home, you’re likely to find us dancing salsa through the house, reading, hanging out with friends, or playing in the garden. We both love to cook, and last year, Matt built a wood-fired brick oven in our back yard

David works in public health and loves being active in general, no matter the weather. He also loves to read and travel to see close friends, family, and new places. He is our communication hub, making sure that we stay connected with and frequently see all of the important people in our lives. Matt works as a nurse at a local hospital helping people heal through some of their hardest days. He also likes to, build furniture, make pottery, blow glass, run, and makes sure that our home is ready for anything. When we asked our friends, they described us as a couple who doesn’t sweat the small stuff and finds joy and magic in simple moments each day. Our relationship is full of acceptance and humor, something we are excited to model for our children.

We are a family with ties to the East and West coasts. Matt was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and David was lured here from the Washington DC area by the area’s natural beauty and graduate school. We chose our neighborhood because of its walkability, whether it’s to the beach, zoo, library, restaurants, or just around the neighborhood itself. We’ve really enjoyed watching our community become more and more diverse as we meet people jogging with strollers, going to the farmers market, and playing at all of the parks nearby.

Our family comes with six grandparents, four parents, 37 aunts and uncles, six siblings (plus their spouses), more cousins than one can count, and 6 cherished nieces and nephews. But our extended family doesn’t stop there. Our close personal and family friends also come as part of the package, and nobody can wait to meet, love, and support our child! We look forward to and hope that you will let us welcome you into our extended family as we hope to be a part of yours.

We both come from close-knit families, so there is nothing more important for either of us. We spend holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with our family and friends and Skype with them when we can’t physically be present. Our vision for our children is for them to grow up surrounded by the love and support of all of the members of both their adoptive and birth families. They say “It takes a village,” so why not build an even bigger and better one? That’s why we are choosing to grow our family through an open adoption. We look forward to getting to know you, creating new traditions, and building a village together.

Thank you for spending a little time with us!

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