David and Julie


Thank you for reading our letter. We are honored you are taking the time to learn a little bit about us and we are excited to share our hearts and our home. We are David and Julie and met through a mutual friend on Valentine’s Day 2002 at a company we both worked at. We have built our relationship on honesty, openness and laughter, lots of laughter. We are just as sappy, giggly and romantic now as we were then.

David has always had a passion for learning and traveling. He was born in Mexico, but lived in the States since a very early age. He grew up in New Mexico in a single-parent household with his mother and, later on, moved to Alaska. He started college in Montana and finished up in Oregon, where we now reside. Julie, a lifelong Oregonian, has always been empathetic and detail oriented. She is always intrigued with how things connect in life. We are both artistic and creative when it comes to an art project, whether it’s photography, painting, jewelry-making, scrapbooking, or building gadgets in the garage.

We enjoy taking advantage of living in Oregon, with spontaneous weekend getaways to the mountains, rivers and beaches. You won’t find us in a hotel, but in a campground finding ways to make fancy dinners and desserts over the campfire. Our desire to travel and experience nature has taken us on road trips and to Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Italy, Spain and China. We plan to enrich our child’s life with knowledge of many cultures, religions and help him/her value the differences in each person, place and thing he/she experiences.

David, often quiet when first meeting him, has a witty sense of humor. He has a passion for design and works as a web developer professionally. He enjoys DIY projects, whether it’s something to update the house with or building equipment for his photography expeditions. Julie always has a kind word and a way of seeing the bright side in any situation. She has a passion for people and loves to volunteer for organizations that better the lives of those in need. Together, we have a goofy sense of humor and a carefree, fun-loving attitude, both of which we hope to pass onto a child. We will shower him/her with love, trust and patience while providing support and structure.

We have a home full of warmth and love that we hope to raise a child in. When we moved in, our magnetic personalities attracted a neighborhood cat by the name of Jack who eventually became our own loving cat (with the neighbor’s permission, of course). We both enjoy cooking and chose our house in part because of the large berry and vegetable garden in the back. We use recipes as mere suggestions to make our own creations full of delicious smells that make your stomach rumble with anticipation. We look forward to our child offering suggestions of preposterous concoctions, which we’ll gladly try, even if it’s just once.

We chose open adoption because we’re very open people in general and feel it is important for children to have healthy, open relationships with their birth family whenever possible. We also have experienced an empty feeling of family members missing from our lives and find it important to keep a connection. We envision the birth family being welcome into our’s and our child’s hearts and home. We hope that our child will see it as a natural relationship between his/her birth family and adoptive family and will never have to search for who he/she is, knowing that he/she will always be loved and wanted.

Thank you again for taking the time to read our letter. We wish you and your child the best on this journey.

David and Julie

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