David and Colleen


Hello! We are David, Colleen, & daughter Makena, a dynamic trio living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us.

David and Colleen met at a local pub in the summer of 2005 and connected immediately as geeks in denial with dry sense of humors. Early on, we enjoyed spending a lot of time outdoors with our closest friends; jet skiing in the rivers, 4-wheeling in the forest, and snowboarding on the mountain. We currently live in a suburb with our daughter Makena and Chocolate Lab Maui, walking distance to local farm stores and old town fun. We make a great team when it comes to everyday life decisions; where Colleen can be a bit more level-headed and plan ahead, David likes to take risks and worry about it later. This polarized family dynamic is probably why we ended up acquiring a second home at the beach. Weekends as parents look a little different than they did earlier in our relationship, but we still spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors.

About David: I was born and raised in Oregon and lived with my mom, much older sister, and almost “Irish twin” younger brother. Growing up, I spent most days exploring local wooded trails, mastering the Easy Bake Oven, playing Magic, and trying to beat all eight worlds of Super Mario. By the time I was 10, I was checking oil in the car, maintaining the yard, and fixing random things around the house. In my adolescence I did not enjoy school or the associated homework but loved taking everything apart to see how it worked. This passion of dismantling and rebuilding everything around the house lead to a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a career in heavy construction. I prefer to spend my free time forever rebuilding a Jeep and hope to learn to brew beer in the near future. I really enjoy teaching my daughter how to work with tools, and dancing to Disney music while playing dress-up.

About Colleen: I was also born and raised in Oregon. I lived with my mom, dad, and older brother. My brother always said I had a “book stuck to her nose”. Reading books is still one of my favorite things to do. My imagination lets me get lost in the stories and it feels more like I am watching a movie. It also allows me to cry at cheesy commercials, smile like a goon when happy stories are being told, and feel bad for the losing football team that I was rooting against. I also enjoy listening to live music because you can really feel the emotion in the artist and in the crowd. When I was younger, I was embarrassed by my display of emotion but not anymore. Now I am seeing this sensitive side reflected in my daughter and I would never let anyone stifle that in her. I am also a nature lover, which is why living in the Pacific Northwest is the perfect place for me. Whether it is snowboarding on the mountain, playing in the surf at the beach, or even just taking walks in the rain, being outside has a way of relaxing me inside and out.

About Makena: She is an empathetic, inquisitive, and confident little girl with a big heart. She loves fancy dresses, music, singing, dancing, and reading books. She also loves riding bikes, playing soccer, jumping in the mud, and holding bugs. I call her our Princess Tomboy. She is very excited at the thought of becoming a big sister. I know she is going to love helping care for the baby and showering him or her with lots of love.

Being parents has been an awesome experience thus far, bringing out our inner kid at heart while providing an excuse to act goofy without feeling embarrassed. Welcoming another child will allow us to grow the family atmosphere that we love so much, while providing another opportunity to witness a child’s curiosity and amazement with the world around them. We are excited at the prospect of having an open adoption because it is important that all our children know and love their story. It also gives us the opportunity to learn from and gain from other’s experiences and insights all while growing our extended family in a way we might not otherwise ever have the chance to.

We wish you the best while you make this decision,
David and Colleen

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