Dave and Jackie


Hello from Dave, Jackie, and our rabbits Cole and Arya!

We are an active couple in our mid-thirties, and we live in a quiet Seattle neighborhood. Our friendship began more than a decade ago on a co-ed soccer team. We became a couple in 2008 and married in 2010. Some of our favorite things to do together include travel, gardening, bike rides, and going out for breakfast or coffee. Cole (black and white spots) joined our family in January 2016 and Arya (gray) came along more recently in May 2019. We take great joy in bunny-proofing our home and giving them all the best treats from our garden.

Jackie has lived in Seattle since she was a toddler. She grew up playing outside, and after studying biology and environmental studies, she went to work for several local nature centers and museums. Hoping to build relationships with her students, Jackie decided to shift gears and today she is a science teacher at a local high school. She enjoys road trips, canoeing and kayaking, and relaxing with grown-up coloring books.

Dave lived in Washington for most of his childhood and moved back after attending high school in North Dakota. He went to college in Spokane where he studied computer science. Currently Dave works as a Lead Software Development Engineer. He enjoys geocaching, photography, video games, science fiction novels, and triathlons.

We have always hoped to grow our family together, but Jackie struggles with anxiety related to being pregnant. Open adoption aligns with our inclusive view of family, allowing us the opportunity to love and care for a child and their birthfamily. Having a connection to our child’s birthparents is tremendously valuable, both for our child and for us. We believe that openness is essential to helping our child understand who they are. We hope to share all kinds of events in our child’s life, like soccer games, birthdays, and graduations, and we look forward to creating new traditions with our child’s birthparents. Our extended families are excited to help us welcome a child and their family into ours through open adoption.

We are hardworking and dedicated people who will tirelessly support the needs of our child. It has been our experience that we thrive on a challenge, ebbing and flowing to support each other, and we imagine this will be true in parenting. We are also playful and look forward to simple, everyday joys like games, stories, and songs. You might find our family growing vegetables in the backyard, walking in the neighborhood and local park, volunteering in our child’s school, and attending some of the many programs available in the Seattle area such as family art and science classes. We hope to maintain a spirit of adventure and exploration that is open to the interests and needs of our child.

Thank you for reading our story!
Dave & Jackie

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