Daniel and Anna


Hello, we are Daniel, Anna, Coraline, and Conrad!

We are so thrilled to be growing our family through open adoption. We have been married for eight years, and together for fourteen. Our daughter Cora is seven and our son Conrad is four. Cora loves playing chess (her choice, really!) and reading, and Conrad is into wrestling with dad, baseball, and superheroes. Along with our outrageously fuzzy orange cat, Buckminster, we are having an incredible time raising our kids in the heart of Portland. Our home is full of love, and yet we all agree that our family is not yet complete.

We live in a historic Victorian house built in 1896, a couple of blocks from a beautiful park. Our home has lots of bright space (for Bucky to bask in the sun); a patio outside for chalk drawings, basketball, and riding bikes; and plenty of nooks and crannies for playing hide-and-seek or just curling up with a book. The third floor was converted into a ballroom in the 1920s. We aren’t fancy enough to throw formal dances, so we use it as a toy room, a kid’s art studio, and wide open space for Daniel’s nerdy virtual reality rig.

Anna grew up playing in the sunny sagebrush of Eastern Washington with her brother and sister. She works as a child psychologist, and sees patients one day a week in a children’s hospital. The rest of the time she researches how to help families who are dealing with chronic pain problems. She has a flexible schedule that allows her time to enjoy the kids and volunteer at their schools. She also enjoys yoga, hikes, and hanging out with friends.

Daniel is a Cherokee citizen and grew up in Oklahoma. He spent most of his childhood working at his dad’s bodyshop or catching tadpoles at the creek with his little brother. He always loved science and science fiction. After earning a PhD in robotics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, he started writing sci-fi and fantasy novels (he even has a New York Times bestseller!), comic books for DC Comics, and screenplays for movie studios. In his spare time, he fixes up old 2-stroke scooters and plays board games with his friends.

On a typical week day, we wake up and get the kids ready for school. We drop Conrad at Montessori pre-school, and Cora at the public elementary school up the street. Then Anna heads to the hospital to work with kids and their families, and Daniel heads to the coffee shop to write books. After school, Cora and Conrad often go to the athletic club up the street for swimming, gymnastics, or rock climbing. We have dinner together at the kitchen table (no cell phones, Anna’s rule!) and wrestle and play before reading books at bedtime.

As parents, we work together to talk about how the kids are doing and how we can support them. As a child psychologist, Anna has great book suggestions for Daniel, and he loves taking the kids everywhere he goes and letting them play independently. We both have siblings, and we both have had times when we depended on them. That’s why we try to teach our kids to trust each other and to treat each other well. Of course, Cora and Conrad are both beyond excited to meet a new baby brother or sister, and share the sibling love!

We are so excited to welcome a new child and his or her birth family into our lives. We have seen Cora and Conrad learn and grow together, and we can’t wait to add another unique voice to the mix that makes up our family—another bedroom, another seat at the breakfast table, and another set of relatives to celebrate.

Thank you so much for reading our letter! – Anna, Daniel, Cora, and Conrad

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