Dain & Sabrina



Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are excited to open our hearts and home to a child and to establish an open adoption relationship with you. We met twenty-three years ago when Dain asked Sabrina to dance, and have been together ever since. We’ve been married for fourteen years and truly delight in each other’s company. Sabrina loves Dain’s sense of humor, his patience, and his easy way with people. Dain loves Sabrina’s kindness, warmth, and her love of family. Dain says simply, “When I’m not with her, I miss her.”

We’ve lived in Portland for the past eleven years. We love our neighborhood and know it will be an ideal location to raise a child. There are many parks, schools, and toy shops within a short walking distance. Our three-year-old nieces, Ella and Amèlie, often visit us, and we explore the walking trails and the local ice-cream shops. Our garden is also a source of wonderment for them as they can spend hours gazing at the butterflies or inspecting the ants and the potato bugs.

We have a warm, affectionate life together. Our idea of a perfect Friday night is staying at home and curling up with a page-turner of a book or watching a ball game. We do many of our hobbies together, such as running, yoga, and hiking. We also enjoy day trips to the Columbia River Gorge, taking in an adventure such as horseback riding or a windsurfing lesson. Since Sabrina is a self-described “dog paddler,” she cheers Dain on from the river bank! In the summer season we often attend the state fair. Sabrina adores animals so much so that she hops right into the petting zoo with the kids. While we hope to continue these activities in the future, what we are most excited about is the opportunity to open our lives to share it with a child.

We have close relationships with Sabrina’s step-parents, which makes having a larger, blended family, such as with open adoption, very comfortable and natural for us. Sabrina’s mom has been with her husband, David, since Sabrina was six years old, and her father has been with his wife, Nancy, since Sabrina was sixteen. Both sets of parents often get together to celebrate milestones, and nothing gives Sabrina more joy than when David and Nancy introduce her simply as their daughter.

Dain loves children and has much experience being around them. Growing up, he helped raise his sister, Margaret, as she is twelve years younger. Dain’s parents, Mary and Don, are looking forward to celebrating their forty-eighth wedding anniversary this year. They live only twenty minutes away, and we spend several weekends each month with them. Holiday traditions are festive affairs as every December we gather in Mary’s kitchen to whip up batches of cinnamon rolls and Swedish holiday breads.

We have stable careers, both working in the same fields for nearly twenty years. Dain is a lawyer and Sabrina works in advertising. We work in smaller offices with close-knit groups of coworkers—environments that provide much support and flexibility, perfect for plenty of time with a new, little one.

We look forward to establishing an open adoption relationship with you. Children can only benefit from having more people to shower them with affection, love, and support. We envision all of us cheering for them at their dance recitals or soccer matches as every child could use more parents rooting for them from the stands!

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We intend to provide a loving and secure environment for our child, and we are committed to supporting and nurturing a relationship with you.


Dain and Sabrina

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