Cory and Jami


Hi – We are Cory and Jami. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We live in a beautiful part of northwest Washington with mountains and water as our playground. We met through our shared love of running and coaching. Jami was coaching high school cross-country and needed help, so she reached out to Cory. While coaching together our relationship grew and deepened. After several years of coaching together and dating we knew we wanted to be together.

Cory is from a college town in southwest Montana. It was a great place to grow up as a small community with lots of opportunities to learn. He is open-hearted, generous, and an excellent listener. He works from home as a business analyst tracking call and sales data for travel companies call center. He loves being outside and is game for any activity Jami or our friend’s plan. He finds joy in being in the mountains skiing, hiking, biking, and camping. He loves to make people laugh and makes everyone feel at home.

Jami grew up in rural north central Washington into a family of teachers. It was a tight knit community that loved and supported kids. She is a wonderful and caring person that loves her job of teaching public high school. She loves the energy and goofiness of high school kids and helping them grow as people. She also loves getting out to go hiking, skiing and really loves traveling. She tries to travel every spring break and with Cory a few times over the summer. A few favorite places include Disneyland, where she can be a 4 year old again, England (UK) and backpacking in the North Cascades.

We moved north of Seattle in 2016 as we love being in a smaller community but still close enough to a city. Our town has many winding trails and easy access to hiking or water. We love our neighborhood because we get to enjoy wildlife and have connections with our neighbors. There are many children in the neighborhood and Jami is a part of the community that she teaches in, which was important to us. We have a fenced in back yard that has been a great place to enjoy growing herbs, vegetables and having friends over for a barbecue or sitting by our fire table. It has also been a bonus for our cat Chloe, who even at 17 enjoys wandering the yard and chasing leaves. We have many friends with small children and love being a part of their lives as they grow. We are part of a church family that loves serving the community and invests in the families in the church through building great relationships.

When we aren’t enjoying the outdoors, we wind down by cooking together, playing board games, or watching one of our favorite shows. We both love trying out new recipes like lasagna soup and inviting friends over for a home cooked meal and a night of board games. Most of all, we love to spend time with our close friends and family. We regularly travel to spend time with family throughout the year. We rotate spending holidays with different family members. Cory’s family enjoys camping around the Northwest where we often join them.

We are excited to grow our family through open adoption. We envision having a family that continues to be active together through hiking, skiing and spending time outside playing at various parks and beaches. We believe open adoptions are the best for children and their families. Everybody is important and plays a part in helping shape the child’s identity. We would love to build traditions with the birth family by having a regular camping trip or spending a holiday together. Having communication and contact is the healthiest and creates a strong village of support. As we have journeyed through this process and continue to learn we believe openness is the best fit for our family.

Warmly – Cory and Jami