Colleen and Lindsey



Thank you for reading our letter. We are Colleen (left) and Lindsey (right). We live in Tacoma, Washington with our son Hank, who we adopted through OA&FS in 2015. Open Adoption has been a wonderful experience and we are so excited to grow our family with OA&FS again.

We met at summer camp—seriously! We were both camp counselors and knew very quickly that we had something amazing together. After more than 17 years of countless adventures, including two cross-country moves, trips around the globe, dinner parties and family holidays, and becoming parents to Hank, we’re ready to share our lives with another kid and their birth family.

Colleen is an artist and throughout our home you will find her favorite photographs, knitting projects, crafts supplies, and a collection of vintage cameras. Colleen’s favorite camera is one from the early 1900s—the same camera her great-grandmother used! Colleen runs the fundraising department for a Seattle-based contemporary dance organization.

Lindsey is a big baseball and football (Go Hawks!) fan and has been one ever since she was a little kid. She loves to watch and play baseball and collect memorabilia. Lindsey loves to “figure things out.” From solving brain teasers to working on puzzles to building Legos with Hank. She taught herself how to play the guitar, and Hank is excited for her to teach him. Lindsey works for a consulting firm that helps non-profit organizations use digital media to engage people with progressive issues.

Hank is an active preschooler and on the go from the moment he wakes up until bedtime. He loves trains, coloring, puzzles, and playgrounds. With Mommy (Colleen), Hank loves to have dance parties, snuggles on the couch with Neko and Gigi (the cats), and making cookies. With Mama (Lindsey), Hank loves building with Legos, walking Bernie (the dog), and sing-a-longs on car rides. We spend several weekends the year with Hank’s birth family (including extended family) in Portland, during which Hank and his half-brother are inseparable. We also exchange pictures and updates via text as much as possible and are incredibly grateful for our ongoing connection to one another.

We’re excited to welcome another child and their birth family into our hearts and home, and Hank can’t wait to become a big brother. Our kids will grow up in a close-knit family and will continue the “kids table” tradition at family Thanksgiving. They will also have the opportunity to go to the same summer camp where we met, take music lessons, play sports, swim in the community pool a couple blocks from our house, run amok in our yard, and so much more. With Hank, we’ve been sharing our love of traveling. We love seeking out new foods, visiting historical places, adding to our squashed penny collection, and taking lots of family photos. And there’s lots of room for another kid and their birth family to join these adventures.

Our next child will enjoy lots of bedtime stories and homemade cupcakes in every flavor. They’ll hold Hank’s hand when we go hiking in nearby national parks, chase each other in the backyard, and cheer on our local baseball team. Through it all we’ll help our kids develop respect, responsibility, openness, compassion, and honesty. Hank has even told us that he wants to teach them how to share toys.

We’re excited to continue growing our family through adoption, not just with the addition of another child, but also the relationship we are looking forward to developing and maintaining with their birth family. Open adoption was a natural choice for us. We strive for honesty and openness in our own lives, and that’s exactly what open adoption for us has been about.

Thanks for reading our story and hoping we get to hear yours soon!

— Colleen, Lindsey and Hank

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