Colin and Eli


Hello! We are Colin (left) and Eli (right).

We’re excited to share a bit about ourselves and our hopes with you. We met on a soccer field in the summer of 2010. Colin knocked Eli down and scored on him (but Eli didn’t hold it against him). We walked home together and found we lived across the street from one another. Soon after we were dating!

Both of us love being outdoors and we’ve hiked and camped on beaches, mountains, and in forests. We proposed to each other while exploring the gorgeous San Juan Islands of Washington State, and the fact that each of us proposed to the other is a symbol of some of our values: equality, commitment, and the pleasure of creating moments of great joy and happiness for each other.

We’ve been married since 2015 and we now want to grow our family through open adoption with love, honesty, and the same spirit of fun and adventure that we’ve brought to our best times together. We know there will be challenging times, too, and we’ve both faced such times before. We’re ready to welcome our child’s birth family to be with us on this journey. We want our child to know there is love for them in their birth and adoptive families, as well as opportunities for comfort and guidance.

Colin is a family doctor who works with people at all stages of their lives and speaks fluent Spanish. He’s also the sillier one in the relationship and loves to dance. Our niece gets this—she recently brought out a blond wig for Colin to wear while they were having a living room dance-around! Eli is a journalist who has talked with people from all walks of life about their hopes, fears, traumas, and triumphs. He loves gardening and singing karaoke, and he’s great with kids—Eli can talk and play games with them for hours on end, and admires their creativity and excellent questions.

We live in a diverse, park-filled neighborhood in South Seattle and love our large yard and garden. We have flexible work schedules, which will help us spend more time at home with our child in their early years. Eli’s mother lives nearby and is excited to be involved, too! We envision our child eating carrots straight out of our planter boxes, picking blueberries, and playing on the grass in the shade of our Asian pear trees. We feel ready and excited to grow our family, learning and teaching along the way while instilling values of respect, kindness, and fun. We are committed to healthy growth and embracing opportunities, and we aspire to be great dads to our child and open hearted to our child’s birthparents and extended birth family.

Eli & Colin

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