Chuck and Andrea


Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hi there! We are Chuck and Andrea, and we want to thank you for taking the time to read a bit about us.

We met on a blind date at a bar/video arcade, and hit it off. Andrea was initially attracted to Chuck’s intellect and his height (he’s 6’6!). Chuck thought Andrea had a great smile and was fun to talk to. Andrea moved in with Chuck two years later, and we got married in October 2017. We are a blended family. Chuck has two children, Olivia (age 18) and Jackson (age 15). There is also the rescue dog, a Basset-Pointer mix named Taffy. Jackson lives with us half time, Olivia visits from college when she gets lonely for home, and Taffy is with us full time.

Andrea is an outgoing, energetic, social person. Her job requires public speaking, and she’s really comfortable with that. Andrea enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading, and exercising (she’s done 4 half marathons). Chuck is an introverted, quiet person, who is more of a ‘thinker’ than a ‘talker’. Chuck enjoys quiet time at home reading, listening to music or hanging out with the kids. He also likes spending time at the beach.

Chuck and Andrea are both in social service work. Andrea trains social workers and Chuck works with kids in the juvenile justice system. We are both really passionate about the work we do, and hope that we are making a difference for people. As a couple, we like going out and having adventures together (concerts, comedy shows, game nights with friends), but also really like spending time at home. When the kids are with us, we try to do the same mix of activities and relaxing. We go to Timbers games, movies, or out to dinner. We also like just ‘chilling’ at home with our favorite snacks (Oreos are a fan favorite).

We are close with our extended families, and enjoy spending time with them. Our family members and friends are very excited about our decision to be a part of open adoption. We believe adoption is a very important, special way to build a family; the people we surround ourselves with have the same views. Being a blended family already, we know families come in all shapes and sizes, and are excited about the open adoption that will change us forever. We are looking forward to forming a close relationship with you throughout this journey. Our hope is for you to be a part of our extended family when you are comfortable with that.

We hope you find exactly who and what you are hoping for in your journey.


Chuck and Andrea (with Olivia, Jackson, and Taffy)

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