Christy and TJ


Hey there! We are Christy and TJ, thanks for taking the time to learn a little about us. We are so excited and humbled to be on this journey of adoption. We feel our personalities and life experiences will be a great asset to us as we transition into parenthood. Christy is kind, thoughtful and caring. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends on the weekends. TJ is smart, fun and goofy. He can strike up a conversation with anyone he meets. There is great strength in our marriage that comes from truly knowing ourselves and how we complement each other’s personalities.

We met in 2013 and felt a strong connection immediately. We bonded over our love of the ocean and spent our summer with TJ teaching Christy to scuba dive. We were married in a small intimate waterfront ceremony in 2014. We are both easy going and look forward to sharing our hobbies and interests with our child and exploring new hobbies based on our child’s interests.

Christy works for a non-profit organization and loves working in an environment that is working toward a common goal of helping others. Although she loves her work, it is important to her to stay at home with our child and she plans to do so for at least the first five years. TJ works in the computer world and absolutely loves his work. He can’t believe he gets paid to do something he loves! During the week, we tend to have relaxed nights at home where we cook dinner and watch TV with our dog Brody and our cats Sounder and Laser. On weekends, we enjoy hanging out with friends, working on house projects, exploring new restaurants and enjoying our time together. It doesn’t really matter what we’re doing-as long as we’re together.

We live in Seattle and envision raising a child in this culturally rich urban environment. We live in a great neighborhood that is safe and quiet, with walkable parks, restaurants, shops and great schools. We have an old house built in 1921, which has always been a dream of Christy’s-she loves working on the house and creating a warm environment to live in and enjoy daily life. We enjoy living in the amazing Pacific Northwest with all that it has to offer.

We love our families and enjoy being with them. Christy’s parents live within a 30-minute drive. Her sister’s family lives within a mile and her young nieces enjoy a lot of adult support and involvement in their lives. Violin concerts and soccer games are often on the calendar of Christy, TJ and Christy’s parents. TJ’s parents raised TJ in the Seattle area, but are no longer local to the area. They enjoy a healthy and close relationship with their only son and always celebrate holidays here with the extended family.

We are ready for this adventure of a lifetime. We want to start our family on a firm foundation that we will build through open adoption with our child’s birth family. We want to explore and share hopes when it comes to a life of happiness and security for our child.

We believe our child’s upbringing will be vastly richer through the benefit of knowing his or her birthparents and extended birth family. The more caring and invested people in his or her life, the better. We hope our child will appreciate and accumulate different bits of wisdom and valuable perspectives from both sides of their family throughout life. Our future will be focused on raising our child to feel loved, be emotionally secure and be free to find his or her path in life with loving support and every resource we can provide. Thanks for reading our letter. We wish you all the best!

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