Christiana and Adam


To our future family members,

We are Christiana and Adam and we’ve been happily married for twenty years and are excited to start a family.  We met in college five years before we married and have been together ever since.  Christiana was the editor of the college newspaper and Adam was a member of student government.  We knew we were meant for each other.  Our passion for being involved has continued to this day with both of us being very active in our community and local politics.

Recently, illness has made having biological children not possible. Thankfully those days are behind us and now we are looking forward to becoming parents through an open adoption.  We are excited to raise a family and to expand our loving family with our child’s birth family.

Christiana is a writer and artist who enjoys reading and community involvement.  She volunteers at the local art gallery, coordinates voter integrity for elections and has worked on many political campaigns. Currently she is working on the campaign staff of her state senator to help in his re-election campaign.  Since Christiana was in college, she has always been involved in the political arena.  From data gathering to financial management of state wide campaigns she has seen and done it all.  She has also written many training materials and has taught candidate training classes.  Christiana strongly believes it’s important to be involved in your community and lives by that principle.  When she isn’t doing politics, she spends her free time crafting and creating art.

Adam is a telecommunications manager who enjoys cooking from scratch, canning and gardening.  Growing up in a family of cooks, Adam loves to prepare food and taught himself how to can.  He has won numerous ribbons at the county fair over the past few years.  From winning for homemade pickles to winning over friends and families with his new attempt at chutneys and jams, Adam finds himself most comfortable in the kitchen.  Plus he has turned a good portion of the backyard into a full vegetable garden and a perennial herb garden too.  He is also politically active with Christiana, working mostly with campaign organization.

We own a lovely home in a beautiful community in western Oregon and have lived here since 2008 with our two cats Cindy and Goldie.  We chose our neighborhood because it is quiet and peaceful.  After originally moving from New York City almost twenty years ago, we knew that we would want to raise a family in a small and quiet community.  This is why we choose to move to Oregon and we have settled and placed our roots here.

Together we want to share our love with a child and provide the encouragement, stability and unconditional love we both had as we grew up.  We’ll provide a home that is based on love and encourages knowledge, independence and the path for our child to follow their own dreams.

We have expanded our family over the years to include close friends and believe that family is those you open your heart to.  This is why we look forward to making a connection with our child’s birthparents and developing that relationship into another branch on our family tree.  We’re excited to add a child and their birth family into our ever-growing family.  They will be an important part of our extended family, connected by our mutual love for a child.

A letter can only say so much but we are honored to share our lives with you and hope you feel comfort in any decision you make.  We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon.

Sincerely, Christiana & Adam

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