Chris and Susan



We are Chris, Susan, Bradley, and a rescue kitty named George. We dreamed of becoming parents for a long time. After several years of trying we were told by doctors that we’d never have children of our own. While that was devastating news, we are natural problem solvers and set down the path of open adoption. A few months into the process we found out we were pregnant. Talk about a huge surprise! Our path to parenthood was full of challenges but it made us a stronger couple by learning to support each other through grief: listening, comforting and encouraging each other to come out with a new perspective and a deeper bond. And now we enjoy being parents that much more. As we think about growing our family again, open adoption feels like the best choice for us given our previous experience and our values around honesty and integrity.

Susan works as an analyst in the real estate group at a large Aerospace company. She has a flexible schedule and conveniently works across the street from Bradley’s daycare. She enjoys being able to participate in class room events and can easily arrive in a moment’s notice if needed. She loves being a mom and everything that comes with it, but especially the silly play times, snuggly quiet times, and seeing the world through innocent eyes. At home Susan and Bradley like building forts, doing art projects, solving puzzles, and going for walks. Some of her personal interests include cooking, entertaining, and traveling anyplace new, whether that’s just around the corner or across the world.

Chris is the general manager of his family’s residential construction company. He also has a lot of flexibility in his work schedule and family remains his top priority. He is a very involved dad who participates in parent-teacher conferences, doctor’s appointments, and the like. Chris loves to wrestle, play catch, build Legos and watch cartoons with Bradley. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, skiing, watching Seahawks games and repairing anything around the house.

Bradley is now three years old. He loves playing and exploring our city, but mostly loves asking “why” to everything. He is really excited about being an older brother and looks forward to teaching a sibling how to run really fast and how to build tall towers out of just about anything. He always asks for both a brother and a sister, and we would be happy with either!

We are seeking an open adoption because we firmly believe that a child cannot have too many people in their life who love them. Love and support can come in so many ways from all different people. We want our child know they are loved by us, their birthparents, and extended families on all sides. We look forward to learning about the unique qualities and traditions of our child’s birth family and honoring these as a part of our child’s life.

Thank you for taking a few moments to meet us. We send you thoughts of love, peace, and comfort on this journey.


Chris, Susan, Bradley, and George

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