Chris and Sarah


Hi there!

We are Chris and Sarah, thank you for wanting to learn more about us.

We are high school sweethearts who live in Washington, with our dogs Gus and Sarge. Chris is a Journeyman Carpenter who loves his snacks (cheese puffs and ice cream are favorites) and staying busy either tinkering in the garage, doing yard work, or cuddling with the dogs. Sarah is a Project Manager for a Federal engineering firm. She is the family planner, loves to dance in the kitchen, and is very easy to get to know.

Together, we love the outdoors, whether it be a big hike at a National Park, running in a local race, or a quick longboarding trip around the neighborhood. We love to take our dogs for walks to the parks in our neighborhoods, to the trail a few miles from our house, and on long hikes on the weekends. Our home is always filled with music, laughter, and plenty of entertainment between the dogs, our three chickens, and the several fish in our large tank. While we thoroughly enjoy being active, we also like to visit local breweries and cuddle up with fuzzy blankets to watch a movie. As a family we are playful, active, honest, and always search for joy.

We got married in 2014 and have struggled with creating a family since. When we learned about Open Adoption and Family Services, it seemed like the perfect way to grow our family. Open adoption is a huge part of our lives already. Sarah’s nephew and niece were adopted by a family who we also have an open relationship with. We want to welcome a birth family into ours, just as their parents have accepted our family into theirs.

Both of our extended families are very welcoming and supportive of our open adoption journey. Family is very important to us (in whatever form they come in) in addition to our incredible community of friends. Many of which we have grown up with and who live close by! As parents, we want to share our love of the outdoors with our child. While we plan to share our own hobbies and interests, it is also important to us to allow our child to find their own passions in life and to be allowed to explore the world on their terms. Our goals as parents is to live a life focused on what the best thing is for our family and for our child – which is why open adoption makes so much sense to us!

Thank you for reading a little bit about us.

We wish you the best,
Chris & Sarah

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