Chris and Maria


Hello, we are Maria and Chris. We are here with heartfelt gratitude. We hope to be parents who give a child more love than imaginable. We humbly thank you for considering us. We must say we admire your strength in vulnerability.

A little about the two of us. As Chris likes to say, we met the old fashioned way: on the Internet (eHarmony). Maria winked at Chris and it was over for him, there was no turning back. It was a whirlwind of love, bliss and fun. After two years of dating, we were married in a beautiful ceremony in Forest Grove, Oregon.

 Chris is a native Oregonian. After getting a degree in Computer Science at OSU, he started working in Information Technology at an international company. Chris has had an intimate experience with adoption as his older brother and sister were adopted into the family when Chris was three years old. They both live in the Portland area. Every other week the whole family meets up for “Survivor” family dinners which are a decade old tradition.

 To relax, Chris enjoys turning wrenches on his DeLorean. (You may have even seen us in last year’s Rose Festival Starlight parade!). Chris is most definitely a car guy. He likes to restore cars and you can often find him on adventures driving through windy backroads. He also enjoys fixing things around the house from computers to the kitchen.

Maria is originally from Colorado, where her father still resides. She has an older brother who lives in Montana and an older sister here in Portland. Maria loves to entertain and enjoys cooking cuisines from countries that we have visited. She also volunteers her time in advocating programs of inclusion throughout the community. Maria graduated with her Master’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. She has a great deal of passion for people. She’s always held careers where she’s helping others, whether it was in the medical field, teaching or, now, working with organizations to diversify their workforce and to dialogue through conflict.

We both enjoy the DIY aspect of owning a home. We also spend much of our time in the outdoors camping at the coast, walking trails with our dogs, Cooper and Olive, and, of course, eating Maria’s many tasty dishes. Our little neighborhood is very diverse, and we love it like that. Seeing so many unique styles of life is very refreshing and something we embrace in our family. We live near several parks, excellent restaurants and quaint shops all within a good school district. There are several farmers markets throughout the year and community events for the whole family.

We’ve been to many places around the world from exploring temples in India to stunning castles in Ireland and have shared some beautiful experiences together; we now hope to share that with a new addition to our family. We want nothing more than to grow our love through the joy of raising a baby. Above all, we encourage each other to be our best selves and have committed our lives to one another. We desire nothing more than extending that value and commitment to a beautiful boy or girl.

Openness in all aspects of our lives is important to us. We see so many problems in life that are the result of withholding, lack of information and being closed up to new ideas and concepts. It’s why open adoption is so appealing to us and will be a major aspect in raising our child. We want a birthparent to be part of our family as well. That relationship would be paramount to raising our child and a birth family would be an essential part of a solid foundation in life.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and considering becoming part of our family!

With open hearts,

Maria and Chris

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