Chris and Katy


Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We will never fully understand the complex feelings you must have now, but we can tell you that we have so much respect for you as you face this choice with bravery and love. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We are Chris, Katy, and Miriam (or Miri for short). We also have two friendly cats, Finn and Poe.

Chris was born in California and grew up along the West Coast. He started out as a communications teacher and debate coach at a local university and then went on to graduate law school to become an attorney who works with people who are disabled. Outside of work, Chris enjoys reading science fiction books, traveling (we loved Japan and French Polynesia) going to the movies, and he is a total Star Wars fanatic (hence the cat names). Chris is a patient, goofy, and fun-loving father and an excellent cook.

Katy is a native Oregonian and has lived in the Pacific Northwest all of her life except for a couple of years abroad in Germany, and Mexico where she learned to speak fluent Spanish. Katy loves paper crafting, drawing and lettering, and going on walks with friends. Professionally, Katy is a medical social worker who feels privileged to work with children and their families and it’s a job she loves only second to motherhood.

We met online and starting dating in 2011 and we knew quickly that we were compatible. We both value education, life-long learning, and professional lives that make a positive impact on the world. We both found out that we love traveling and we both wanted children! Chris fell in love with Katy because of her pretty blue eyes, outgoing personality, and huge heart. Katy fell in love with Chris because of his smile, incredible intelligence, and his wonderful family. We were married in Hawaii in 2013.

Miriam joined our family by adoption in 2016 and we have cultivated an open and loving relationship with her birth family since then. Miri is a total joy; she is funny, sassy, and very smart. Some of her favorite things are unicorns, horses, and her doll babies. Our parenting approach is centered on respect, compassion, hard-work, affection, acceptance, trust, and a lot of humor. As a family we love to gather for potlucks, attend local sporting events, and go to Katy’s family’s beach house. We have put down roots in a safe Portland suburb that we love for its diversity of people and food and close proximity to our family and friends.

We are so excited about expanding our family through open adoption again and are lucky to have the support of our family and friends. Thank you for taking the time to consider our family for your child. We wish you all the support and love that you need on this journey.

With Love – Chris, Katy, and Miri

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