Chris and Heather


Hi! We are Chris and Heather.

We live in Seattle and enjoy the water, mountains, arts, and sports events that the Northwest has to offer. We love our friends and family, our cat Toby, and a delicious dessert in the evening. We met in 2002 and started dating in late 2003 after Heather gave Chris her phone number during a concert. Chris called the next night, made Heather laugh a lot and away we went! After 13 years of marriage, we prioritize our family above all else and are strongly committed to our love, honesty and humor.

Heather grew up outside of Philadelphia with three brothers. During summers, she visited San Diego to see her aunt, uncle, and younger cousins, and the Jersey shore to cool off from the humid heat. Heather moved to Seattle when she was 19 to be an actress and embrace the live music scene. She acted in local and improvisational theater and wrote plays and short stories while working at a daycare, eventually becoming a full-time nanny. Heather continues to bring creativity and connection with people into her career as an environmental planner. Her best times are spent with Chris and her friends, playing with the kids in her life, and traveling on new adventures.

Chris is the youngest of six kids and grew up in Florida. While his six nieces and nephews were growing up, Chris spent a lot of time with them playing board games, coloring pictures, and creating imaginary games. He always saw himself as a dad since playing and nurturing came very naturally to him. His job as an occupational therapist draws on his patient nature and strong caregiver skills. Chris was a successful artist who previously worked on animation films for Disney. He still likes to draw, but now he also likes to be creative in other ways: playing puzzles and games, cooking, building stuff out of things on the beach or playing with our cat. He appreciates routine and structure with a list of tasks to complete.

As parents, we will offer a supportive, nurturing, and loving environment. We look forward to creating new family traditions, guiding our child to their full potential, playing in the many parks around us, and exploring the Northwest and beyond. We also hope that our child has the possibility of learning from their birth parents, including understanding their heritage. Open adoption appeals to us because it gives a child an opportunity to embrace all of who they are and brings a larger family circle into their life.

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