Chelsea and Nick


Hello! We’re Chelsea and Nick.

The two of us met in 2013 in the most modern method possible: online! We’d both waited a long time to find the right person, but we quickly discovered our love for one another and got married in 2015. We’re joined in our family by our cat Alki, and our African Grey parrot Nietzsche, who we adore, and we’re all excited to expand our family. We live in a house we love in a diverse community in south Seattle. Our neighborhood is filled with families and has walkable access to parks, beaches, community centers, cafes, public transportation, and more. We know our neighbors, and help each other out when out of town, needing ingredients, etc. We feel fortunate to have so many good people around us.

Chelsea about Nick: Nick is a sports writer who regularly expresses gratitude for a career he could only have dreamed about. I appreciate his strong sense of integrity and the way he cares about how we treat the Earth and each other. He’s also a super fun person who’s not shy about sharing his goofy sense of humor – he’ll dance spontaneously in public, with or without a partner. He happily joins in various adventures with me, whether it’s traveling across the country or signing up for dance classes. Nick was raised Catholic and although he no longer practices, he has a strong respect for those with faith (including mine). And last but not least, Nick has a tremendous relationship with his parents and extended family, all of whom have welcomed me and my family with open arms.

Nick about Chelsea: Chelsea is a high school counselor who has a passion for helping kids. She’s a caring person in every sense of the word. Not only would she do anything for the many people in her life she loves and supports, she has convictions and is a go-getter when it comes to living her values. She was raised in and practices Christian Science. Chelsea credits her faith for showing her the innate good in others and knowing that there’s something bigger than her helping direct her path. She also has a beautiful singing voice — which I try to complement while playing guitar — and is a movie buff who eagerly anticipates the Oscars every year. Finally, she has a large and wonderful family that has helped her be a flexible and open-minded person, and she is truly grateful to have all of them in her life.

Together we are affectionate, love to laugh, and enjoy spending time with friends and family. We both have our own interests and enjoy pursuing them, but we’re also content exploring or lounging at home together. We have some of our best talks when we’re walking around the neighborhood, and some of our best laughs when we’re at home chatting about life and pop culture. We envision bringing a child into a music- and laughter-filled home with no shortage of love. We will help them explore different interests, places and cultures, and show them that home is a safe haven while they figure out their place in this world.

We both always wanted children and were open to any way that could happen, and discussed adoption early on in our engagement. We want to do everything possible to help our child feel comfortable with their identity, and we know being a part of their birth family’s life will make that easier, which is why we believe in open adoption. Our families are supportive and enthusiastic about our open adoption plan; some have adopted themselves, and are intentional about welcoming new people. We look forward to welcoming not just a child, but the child’s birth family into our lives.

We wish you well as you continue your journey.

-Chelsea & Nick

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