Chelsea and Nick


Hello, we are Chelsea and Nick! We live in Seattle with our cat, Alki, and our African Grey parrot, Nietzsche. We are grateful for so much, not the least of which is our marriage, our families, friends and neighbors. Nurturing relationships is an important value to us, and we look forward to building them with a birth parent/family when we adopt.

In 2013, we met the old-fashioned way: online! Communication, humor, and trust came easily and naturally. After discovering many shared values and learning about one another’s insights and beliefs, we knew this was the relationship we’d been waiting for. We married in 2015 and still enjoy reminiscing about our wedding. It was wonderful!

Our Seattle neighborhood is filled with people and families of different backgrounds, races, income levels, religions, and more, which is part of why we love living here. It also offers easy access to parks, beaches, community centers, live music, festivals, farmers markets, light rail, and more – in addition to great neighbors! Outside of home, we love adventuring, whether exploring Seattle and the Puget Sound region, or visiting other places such as Boston, Hawaii, and Nashville. Other activities we enjoy together are performing music (Chelsea sings and Nick plays guitar), going to movies/plays, hosting barbecues, taking walks, and making dinner.

Nick is thoughtful, goofy, and values integrity. He is an only child, half Japanese, and proud of his mixed-race heritage. He adores his family, finds joy in repetitive humor, and does what he can to contribute to the community. He is both a sports reporter and fan, and often speaks of how fortunate he is to watch sports for a living. He appreciates Chelsea’s spiritual roots and ability to nurture the many relationships in her life. Nick enjoys spending time with loved ones, especially during his extended family’s many unique traditions: throwing eggs at a tree on Easter, dancing to Wooly Bully on Christmas Eve, annual “camping” weekend at the family lake property near Spokane, and more. He also loves Marvel comics and movies, crossword puzzles, dancing to whatever is in his head or on the radio, playing guitar, searching YouTube for favorite bands, and taking improv classes.

Chelsea is kind, open-hearted, and values an ability to see the big picture. She has a family tree with many branches and is happy to have strong relationships with her parents, siblings and stepsiblings. She has a loving church community and is grateful for her faith, which helps her see the best in others and navigate hard situations. She loves Nick’s family and their many fun traditions and always looks forward to their time together. Chelsea is a public high school counselor and finds this work fulfilling, as she adores teenagers. Watching how her students care for others and the community helps her feel hopeful about the future of our world. She also appreciates school breaks! Her other interests and activities include bringing people together, singing, book club, rowing on Lake Washington, finding new crockpot recipes, nerding out over Oscar movie nominations, and attending arts events.

Becoming parents is something we’ve always hoped for and we discussed adoption early on. As parents, we hope to nurture a love for humanity and community, a sense of adventure, and a desire to grow and learn, with a deep sense of love to anchor it all. We have family members who are adoptees (including through OA&FS) and have appreciated seeing our family grow this way. Welcoming a child and their birth family into our lives through open adoption is something we are excited about! We look forward to our child understanding multiple facets of their identity, removing some of the big questions about family background and cultural heritage that adoptees in earlier generations may have faced, and navigating our relationships together in a way that feels healthy and fulfilling for all. Our entire community of family and friends, including nearby future grandparents, are very supportive and eager to welcome a new child and their birth family.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter, and learn a little about us!

Chelsea & Nick

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