Chase and Reby


Hello, we are Chase and Reby! Thank you for taking time to learn about us.

A few years ago, we learned that Chase’s father was adopted at birth. At 70 years old, Chase’s father discovered that the parents who raised him were not his biological family. When our family learned this news, we already knew that adoption was in our hearts as the way to create our family, and it helped support our desire for an open adoption.

We both grew up in Washington state. Chase grew up in the Seattle area, and Reby grew up in rural Southwest Washington. We are both teachers – Chase is a high school history teacher and Reby works at the district office educating teachers. We met at a union meeting nine years ago and instantly became friends. Three years later we started dating and were married within a year. We are both passionate about education and often advocate for change to our state’s education system.

Today we live in Tacoma, Washington in a beautiful historic neighborhood. Our home is walking distance to a wonderful park where we often find children playing in the spray park. Some of our favorite places to explore are our local ice cream shop, nearby museums, and waterfront.
We love to invest our free time reading, exercising, at Mariners games, with our family, and going on adventures. We spend many weekends with Reby’s family, including her two nephews and niece, and with Chase’s identical twin brother. We love spending time with our friends playing board games, going to dinner, or just hanging out. From the beginning of our relationship, we have loved to travel. Together we have been to over nine countries in five years, although we have just as much fun keeping it close to home and exploring the US! We hope to continue to travel and see the world with our future child.

Reby is loyal and loving. She enjoys cooking and is extremely organized. In her spare time, Reby loves to read and watch “Days of Our Lives”. Chase is kind, thoughtful, and practical. He is a big kid at heart – playing video games, drawing cartoon characters, reading Choose Your Own Adventure books, and playing sports with family and friends. We are both excited to tackle parenthood together.

We want to provide every opportunity for our future child. We dream of the time that we will be able to spend with our child reading them a bedtime story, taking them to the zoo, eating special family recipes, honoring birth family traditions, spending time with their cousins and grandparents, and seeing them go off to college. Reby is excited to take our child to Mariners games, share her love of score keeping, and teach them how to be a loyal fan. Reby also looks forward to the time where she can play the piano with her child playing right alongside her. Chase is excited to share his love of fitness and reading “Calvin and Hobbes” and history books with our child.

The closed, secretive nature of Chase’s father’s adoption confirmed to us the only way to have a family through adoption was with openness. We believe that mutual love, honesty, and respect will help create a life-long, precious bond with our child’s birth family. We promise to honor our child’s birth family and always support an open and loving relationship. Our hope is that our child’s birth family feels included through regular communication and communal celebration of life’s special events. We hope that our child will find strength and comfort in this significant relationship. We commit that our child will always know their adoption story.

We wish you peace on this journey.
Much love,
Chase and Reby

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