Charissa and Terry


We’re Charissa, Terry and Rylee,

We met in high school and after years of work and school, married and have been going strong since.

Terry has an engineering background and can fix just about anything, but his favorite place is in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe from one of his dozens of cookbooks. He loves the outdoors as much as he loves the kitchen and is often found planning the next hike, trip (two-wheeled and four), or adventure to a new place.

Charissa is a designer and loves all things artsy—and is almost afraid to admit just how many art supplies she has. She brings people together with that creative spirit and loves to spend time making things in just about any medium she can get her hands on – dirt, paint, hardware, salad… everything can be art! Her favorite place to be is hanging in the back yard with family and friends.

Rylee is our spark plug of a little boy who came to us through an open adoption in 2015. We had no idea that last minute call on a Monday morning would hold such a life changing moment. He has brought love and joy to our world and has connected us to an amazing birth family that has transformed our lives. It feels like what family should be—real and honest. This journey has led us back with hope of expanding our family to give Rylee a sibling to grow with. We are ready to widen our hearts and family circle.

Adoption had always been a part of our family dream. Having one biological child and adopting one was the hope but after several years of trying numerous fertility treatments, we learned that we were unable to have biological children on our own. It was only when we discovered open adoption that the path felt like the right one for us. The more we learned about the possibility of connecting with a birth family and that the decision was the expectant parent(s), the more it felt like what we would hope for every child…a connection to their story and people who are ready to love them and tell that story.

We recognize that you may be going through an incredibly difficult time. You are brave, thoughtful and strong to be considering what is best for you and your family. We look forward to sharing the things we love—playing in our big back yard with our hound dog Chico, going for walks around the neighborhood and along river trails, camping, traveling to see friends and family and hosting get togethers often. We offer our open hearts, a home filled with love, and time to focus on the important things. We’re ready and waiting to take this next step and excited by the possibilities of sharing it with you.

With love and hope,
Terry and Charissa

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