Cassie and Steve


Hello! We’re Cassie and Steve, and we live in Seattle with our yellow lab Toby. We met in 2010 at our local gym. We discovered we share a love for being physically active and the outdoors, cooking, traveling, and spending time with our family and friends. Eight years later, we are still at the same gym where we met and love the community that keeps us healthy and energetic.

Cassie is kind, easy to get to know and a good listener. She believes in finding the good in everyone, values close relationships and is always there to help a friend in need. She loves to travel (Italy is her favorite!) and go on outdoor adventures, but equally craves time at home, walking with Toby, baking cakes and working in her garden. She loves to learn and works at a technology company, building software that helps employees grow and develop.

Steve is from a small, quiet town in Western Washington. Personally and professionally, he is drawn to nature. He works as an environmental scientist looking for ways to minimize impacts in the urban environment and searching for sustainable solutions. In his free time, when he is not busy cleaning and organizing things around the house, he’s very active and usually in the mountains skiing, biking, or climbing. It’s rare to see him sitting still and he loves teaching and showing others his love of nature.

We are fortunate to live in a 1944 brick house in a peaceful, residential neighborhood. The local elementary school and a big community playground are just few blocks away, in addition to our new favorite ice cream shop (salted caramel for Steve and chocolate chip cookie dough for Cassie!). There are lots of kids on our block and the sidewalks are often covered with creative chalk art and bicycles.

As a couple, we value kindness and respect for all individuals, and love our connection with the environment and our community. Beyond our outdoor adventures, we enjoy working on our home and garden, having dinner with our family and friends, walking the neighborhood with Toby, going to the gym, reading, and playing board games. We’re always excited to experience new activities, explore areas inside and outside of the city, and are constantly learning.

Open adoption’s philosophy is similar to ours; family-oriented and child-centered. We want everyone to feel welcomed, included, and valued. We’re really excited about who you are, too! Families are not just biological, they are everyone who surrounds them. And because of the diversity in all of these relationships, we are all better together.

We’re hopeful and excited to bring a child into our lives and to share our experiences. Thank you for reading our letter. We wish you and your child all the best!

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