Carrie and Martin


Hello! Carrie and Martin here, from Portland, Oregon. We met in the summer of 2013, fell in love, got married, and we are having a grand adventure in this beautiful life we share. We fit together almost perfectly, tackling every problem with our superpowers of reason, compassion, and silliness.

We live in a quiet neighborhood, in a split-level home that we chose specifically because it felt like a great place to raise a family. At the moment, that family consists of us and our dog and five cats. Our house is a warm, furry place to be, and we love our four-legged friends dearly, but we have always wanted to be parents and we are excited to grow our family through open adoption!

We both work in IT, so ours is a somewhat nerdy household. Carrie is a software developer for a small consulting firm, working from home. She writes a little poetry now and then but her real passion is baking all kinds of sweet treats, from cookies to cupcakes to homemade candy. She loves discovering new and interesting flavor combinations and sharing them with family and friends. Martin is a computer programmer for the state government, finding satisfaction in solving problems and helping people. He has an obsessive passion for movies and music of all kinds, and loves to get lost in a book or spend time noodling around on the guitar.

Our relationship works because when conflicts arise, we strive not to be jerks to each other (or anyone else). We believe in mutual respect and in taking good care of the people we love, and that means that any conflicts melt into talking and working things out pretty quickly. We’re an excellent team! When a task comes up we both evaluate it, take on the parts we can handle individually and come together to work out the rest, which is a particularly helpful skill when it comes to things like moving, home repairs, or putting together IKEA furniture.

We enjoy each other’s company quite a bit! We watch movies, we tell silly jokes. We cook dinner together several times as week, and we each love making delicious things to delight the other. We play board games and video games, especially ones where we can collaborate. We go to the library, do crossword puzzles, spend time with our loved ones, try new restaurants, have long talks about all kinds of stuff. We break into song a lot. Well, a lot more than you might imagine.

So we have this life together that we dearly love and we really want to expand it to include more people we care about! Not only are we delighted to get to share our lives with a child, to watch them figure things out, to experience all of the silly, fun, exciting moments that are part of growing up, but we also want to know you and forge a connection based on our shared love of this kiddo. Come play board games with us! Let’s have dinner and talk about our lives, or plan an upcoming holiday gathering where we invite all of the extended family members and get them to tell us their stories. This is the beauty of open adoption for us, that we get to know everyone who loves and is connected to our child and that our child will always feel secure in knowing exactly where they came from and that they are so incredibly loved.

Thank you so much for reading our letter. We wish you all the happiness in the world!

Martin & Carrie

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