Carri and Lisa



We’re Carri (in the scarf) & Lisa (in the blue hoodie).

We are looking forward to growing our family through open adoption. We like that our child will always know we were selected by their birth parent(s) to provide a loving home.

We met in 2000 in Seattle & immediately hit it off. We were both working in childcare and were involved in the local circus community. We both love kids and have always planned on raising a family. Our child will have instant playmates. Lisa has cousins with young children in the neighborhood. Celebrating birthdays and holidays with them is always noisy fun.

Our favorite activities involve learning about nature, art, culture, music, & theatre. We share many similar interests but have different personalities and backgrounds. We are excited to create a safe and loving home for our child to explore and grow. This includes sing-a-longs, dance parties, puppet shows, & observing the natural world.

Lisa was raised in Upstate NY and has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years. She has her Masters in Social Work and is a health researcher. Lisa is an introvert who is observant, analytical, & detail-oriented. Maintaining relationships with friends and family is important to her. She recharges by spending time in nature, watching movies, and playing music. Lisa is a third generation clarinetist and enjoys playing guitar, hand drums, and singing harmony.

Carri was adopted as an infant through a closed adoption. She grew up in Seattle with her brother and adoptive parents. Carri is outgoing, talkative, passionate about history, and has the perfect job as a tour guide. She is always looking to learn something new. When Carri is focused on a project she jumps right in, works hard, and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She enjoys doing physical things like dancing, roller-skating, and gardening.

We live in a small house with a big yard on a quiet street. You can usually find us outside in the garden. We grow fruit, vegetables, native plants, and flowers. We live in a diverse area close to schools, parks, and libraries.

We believe that each family, birth and adoptive, provide something different for the child and that both contributions are valuable. We would like our child to have the opportunity to meet their family of origin and for the birth parent(s) to have the opportunity to get to know their child. We will respect what brings us together and learn from our differences.

Thanks for taking the time to read our letter!

Lisa & Carri

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