Carissa and Clay


Hello! We are Carissa, Clay, and Wyatt.

We are an adorable family living outside of the Portland area in Oregon. We love to be silly, sing and dance, play outside, and enjoy family dinners together. We can always be found hanging out in our backyard snacking on fresh fruit and vegetables from our garden or playing with our dogs, kittens, and chickens. We are all avid readers, enjoy playing imaginative games, and going to the park with friends. Making people laugh is our favorite thing to do.

Our story: After the spark of our love ignited in a local produce section, we embarked on a romance for the ages which culminated in our marriage two years later in 2009 (There was a rainbow). Throughout the years of moving from hovel to hovel by way of bike, borrowed truck, or the fancy and adult U-Haul, we finally purchased our own home. Years later, our home has become a gathering place for our community. We love hosting get-togethers like Taco Tuesday nights or pool parties where the kids and adults can play.

Carissa likes to paddleboard, sit in the shade of fruit trees she has planted, feed kids delicious things, and text friends everyday. She has driven tractors, UPS trucks, and kayaks down rapids. She loves to play with both adults and kids and wants nothing more than to go to summer camp again. She is an elementary school teacher who is a fierce advocate for students and also their biggest fan. Her heroes are people who tell it like it is and she most values her long lasting friendships. Carissa is fun, gregarious, and thinks Clay is funny.

Hi! I’m Clay. I’m a student of renewable energy technology and a stay-at-home-parent of Wyatt. I enjoy providing a cozy indoor environment for friends and family to eat, share ideas, play games, and just hang out. Finding do-it-yourself ways to improve our home and make it more efficient is one of my favorite pastimes. I also enjoy writing fantasy/fiction collaboratively with friends online, improv style role playing games, and singing all the songs. Day to day, I love hanging out with Wyatt and all the kids in the community. I am calm, silly, and patient which makes kids feel secure, loved, and heard.

In 2014 Carissa gave birth to Wyatt and Wyatt has been lucky to land in our community of loving and supportive adults. Wyatt enjoys playing with friends, kitties, legos, and recently gave summer camp two thumbs up. Wyatt is caring and funny and we are excited for them to experience having a sibling. Both Carissa and Wyatt identify as LGBTQ+, have many friends in the Queer community, and are advocates for Queer rights. Wyatt enjoys playing with younger kids and being a kind, helpful, and fun leader for them.

We live in a multi-generational household. Clay’s brother and parents live on separate floors in our home and we collaborate on everyone being cared for. We are excited at the prospect of bringing another family into our community. Welcoming others and getting to know people is something we enjoy. We believe that children need many supportive adults in their lives and hope that our child will have the support of both their birth family and ours.

Thank you for reading our letter and getting to know us. We hope you find what you’re looking for.
Carissa, Clay, and Wyatt

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