Caitlyn and Justin


Hi there!

We are Caitlyn and Justin, Momo (the dog), Moxie and Molly (the cats). We met in 2011 when we were introduced by a mutual friend. Meeting relatively early in life has allowed us to spend over ten wonderful years together, building a relationship based on our mutual love for each other, our families and friends, animals, our community, and cooking a delicious meal to share. While we look forward to raising a family, we do not have the desire to have biological children. Open adoption is our first choice for building a family.

Caitlyn is passionate about social justice and loves animals, Tae Kwon Do, trying new baking recipes and cozying up with a good show or book. She works as a mental health therapist after studying social work focusing on children, youth and families. Caitlyn values the authentic relationships built with her clients and the flexibility that her job affords. Justin enjoys many hobbies, including riding his bicycle, photography, playing pinball, reading and playing video games. Owning our home has turned Justin into a fantastic handyman. He works as a software engineer (and often Caitlyn’s personal IT guy!) Justin loves problem-solving, collaboration, and having new opportunities to learn.

Together we enjoy music, playing games, camping, yoga, traveling, trying new foods, goofing around with our nephews, spending time with family and friends, fostering animals and spoiling our pets. We value learning about issues that impact diverse members of our community by reading, engaging in discussions and events, and contributing what we can.

Momo loves snuggling on the couch, doing zoomies around the yard and is a snack connoisseur. Moxie and Molly have big personalities, loud voices and relish in a bit of mischief.

We live in a cute, old home in a suburb just north of Seattle. The home was Caitlyn’s grandmother’s previously; together we are working to personalize it by restoring its 1920s charm and adding our own touches. We enjoy spending time in our yard, gathering friends around our fire pit and using our pizza oven.

Our family trees are constructed with parents, siblings, step-family, biological and adoptive relatives. Caitlyn’s father is adopted and we are grateful to have both his biological and adoptive families in our lives. We are fortunate to have a wonderful support system and loved ones who are enthusiastic about us pursuing open adoption.

We believe openness in adoption is in the best interest of everyone involved and hope to embrace our child’s biological family as a part of our own. Curiosity, sense of humor, and creativity are a few of the things we love about children; we look forward to celebrating their unique personalities and passions. Together we hope to raise our children to be kind and compassionate, to love themselves as well as others, and to be proud of their story.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us!


Caitlyn and Justin

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