Bruce and Anna



We are a family of three – Bruce, Anna, and our daughter Amaya. Our home is filled with love and laughter and we are thankful every day to have each other. These days we spend a lot of time daydreaming about adding a new baby and their birthfamily into our lives. We can’t wait to have another child to love and Amaya is definitely ready to become a sweet and caring big sister.

We are originally from Oregon and recently moved to Hawaii. We live on the edge of a college town along a coastline scattered with gorgeous beaches and lagoons. Our home overlooks the Pacific Ocean and we enjoy sunrise over the sea! The city is ethnically and culturally diverse, populated with people who value family and community.

We met while fighting fire for the U.S. Forest Service. We quickly fell in love. From then on, we worked to create a life that was safe and loving for our family. Between the two of us, life is balanced. Bruce is hilarious, creative, and industrious. He is a dedicated friend, fun and relaxing to be around. Anna has a natural kindness and warm personality that keeps our family and friends happy and close. She is a devoted mom, prioritizes home life and has bounds of cheerful energy.

Anna is an emergency medicine physician at a local emergency department. Her work is busy, fulfilling, and connects her to the community. Bruce worked as a nurse until Amaya was born. He became a full-time, stay-at-home dad to give our kids a stable base. His days are spent caring for Amaya, teaching her how to cook, fix cars and climb trees. He keeps the family running smoothly, and cooks delicious healthy meals most evenings.

Amaya was adopted through an open adoption in December 2013. We met her birthmother, Aryana, through a friend, and Open Adoption and Family Services helped with coordination. Amaya was adopted at birth and has enjoyed a loving, close relationship with Aryana through extended visits, phone calls, Skype and lots of pictures. Aryana is an integral part of our family and we are so thankful for the bonding that has occurred between all of us.

Moving forward we hope to have another strong and open relationship with our new child’s birth family. Creating a close connection is important even though our home is far away. We will make sure that there are opportunities for in-person visits in either Hawaii or the mainland.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We respect your courage and thoughtfulness as you are faced with many different paths and wish you the very best!

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