Brooke and Jason


We’re Brooke and Jason and we’re excited to share with you a little bit about ourselves.

Brooke: I grew up on Oahu, Hawaii as a middle child of 3. My family is very close and though they still live in Hawaii, we FaceTime often and visit regularly.
In my spare time I like tinkering around the house. I love crafting/constructing, and recently built a hinged screen to keep leaves and mosquitoes out of our rain barrel that we use for watering the veggie garden I started. I like reading fiction, listening to true crime podcasts, watching reality tv, and love baking with my dream Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

Jason: I grew up in a small town in northern Indiana with my parents and younger sister. I was always active growing up: climbing trees, playing sports and building forts. Like Brooke, we FaceTime my parents weekly and see them at least once a year.
In my spare time I like to go indoor rock climbing, DJ’ing drum and bass music (in our basement), reading historical non-fiction, and watching documentaries.

We have been together for 11 years and have worked together for our whole relationship. We’re both architects and started dating after Brooke relocated to Seattle from our company’s Honolulu office. People think we’re crazy to be married and working together, but for us it works. We naturally balance and compliment each other’s personalities. Jason is introverted, tends to be more serious, and is more of a planner. Brooke is goofy, has the humor of a teenage boy and is more a combination of extrovert and introvert.

We lived in Seattle for 5 and a half years with our Great Dane, Darwin, before we transferred to our company’s Singapore office where we lived and worked for 5 years. Sadly, Darwin died while we were living there, but we rescued Ellis, who made the journey back to Seattle with us. Ellis is a big fan of Seattle’s cooler weather, mountains, and snow!

In our spare time we like to take Ellis to the dog park, go on hikes at least once a month, camp, watch Seattle Sounders soccer matches, travel, and spend time with friends while playing aunty and uncle to their kids.

We live just outside of the downtown area of Seattle, Washington and there is so much that we love about our home and neighborhood. There are great parks, a dog park, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, a neighborhood library and more all within walking distance. Our neighbors are diverse and there are many young children on our block.

We have always wanted to grow our family and we appreciate the idea of an open adoption. We feel the connection we form with a birth family can only strengthen the confidence and character of our child. We will strive to provide our child with a similar upbringing to ours, surrounded by friends, family and love.

We wish you the best as you consider your options!
Sincerely, Brooke + Jason

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