Brian and Wendy


Thanks for letting us introduce ourselves! We are honored you’ve taken the time to get to know us a little better. We are Brian and Wendy, and we are eager to become a part of the lifelong journey that begins with open adoption. For us, open adoption is the only option because it will provide our child with his or her whole story and because it means there will be more people to love and influence our child, and we can’t wait for this adventure to begin!

Brian is a high school English teacher. His son Noel is an adult now, and Brian loves the new relationship they have–as friends. Brian’s daughter Harper is a sophomore at the school where Brian teaches, and, when she’s not dancing, she spends lots of time at our home. If you ask Wendy how she knows Brian will be an amazing father, she will tell you that it’s because he already is one: patient, kind, supportive, funny, and sensitive. During the summers, Brian has lots of time to spend with his children. Sometimes that means reading on the porch together or sitting around the firepit; other times that means finding a river to swim or hiking at the coast. Brian loves to write and play guitar, and his creativity makes our home a place that is always filled with music, film, and books. Brian is gifted with words and frequently writes beautiful things for those he loves, like a touching note on the fridge or by a bedside. Brian’s personalized vows at our wedding didn’t leave a dry eye in the place! Wendy and Brian cherish these words and reread them each year on our anniversary.

From our home in Oregon wine country, Wendy works as a nutrition and wellness consultant. She loves to make people’s lives better through her passions: nutrition, mindfulness, and healthy living. Having an office at home means that Wendy can be present for our child and keep him or her close. If you ask Brian why she will be an amazing mother, he’ll say that it’s because she has the biggest heart of anyone he knows, that her capacity for love is boundless, that she is most fulfilled when her purpose is clear and helpful to others, that she will dirty every dish in the house to make a single (vegan) cupcake for someone she loves. Wendy’s gift with living things and her nurturing spirit is evidenced by the beautiful garden and yard she keeps, the three happy dogs she cuddles, and the two step-children who love and respect her. Wendy enjoys cooking with fresh vegetables from our garden and, because she is so good at it, Brian loves to eat (and–somewhat more reluctantly–to do the dishes afterwards). Wendy has wanted to be a mother for a very long time, and although that journey has proved challenging, she has spent this time fostering a meaningful relationship with the kids in her life–nieces and nephew, and, of course, Harper and Noel, who share Brian and Wendy’s eagerness to welcome a baby into their home.

As a family, we love backpacking, gardening, family events, animals, concerts, books, restaurants, and time with friends. We support the passions of those we love, embrace diversity, cook new recipes together, watch classic movies, and laugh at our charismatic pups. Our home is a place where we strive to make all who enter not only feel comfortable and at ease, but also part of our family. Our parents both live close by and, like our network of friends, are supportive, lively, fun, and loving. It’s rare that a week goes by where we don’t see one or both of our families.

When we envision our life as a family, it is one that is filled with compassion, acceptance, support, and abundant love. We are overjoyed about becoming parents together and look forward to the open-heartedness that comes with open adoption.

With gratitude,

Brian and Wendy

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