Brian and Theresa



We are Theresa and Brian. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better! We live in a college town with our dogs, Penny (beagle) and Birdie Mae (bluetick coonhound). We met in Atlanta while playing kickball almost 10 years ago, lost touch when Brian moved, and randomly met again in a bowling league several years later. Brian was attracted to Theresa’s outgoing personality and how cute she was in bowling shoes. Theresa liked how fun Brian was to be around and how good he was at being the ring-leader of social events. We fell in love, got married, and left our high profile bowling careers behind so Brian could become a professor at a university in Oregon. We enjoy our life out west, and spend our time exploring the Pacific Northwest, making home improvements, and hiking with the pups. We even still bowl now and then.

Theresa: I was born in Ohio and grew up in South Carolina. I am a dietitian nutritionist, and I teach college nutrition classes, see patients, and provide consultations for food companies. I am fascinated by how the human body works and love that there is always something new to learn in my field. In my spare time, I battle the weeds in our garden, sew, and volunteer with a senior dog rescue group and a foster care oversight board. I also love do-it-yourself projects, and my crowning achievement so far has been a cedar outdoor table that we dine at every warm, dry evening. I have citizenship in both United States and Ireland, and my adopted child will be eligible for Irish citizenship as well.

Brian: I grew up in western New York. I work as a professor of mechanical engineering, which includes teaching and conducting research on sustainable energy systems. I enjoy the excitement, innovation and idealism of a university, and love watching my students learn and grow. For fun, I like to run, read non-fiction and history books, root for the Buffalo Bills, and brew beer and kombucha.

Our parents, most of our younger sisters (6 between us!), and a growing cohort of nieces and nephews (9 so far) live in the Eastern-time zone. We love sending little surprises to them in the mail and, thanks to Skype and Facebook messenger, we have been able to maintain close relationships. We hope to use these same tools to stay connected to the birth family.

We have always wanted to expand our family, and believe we have a lot to share. We value education, and hope to raise a thoughtful, considerate person who has the confidence to thrive. Plus, Brian really wants someone with whom he can watch Star Wars. We believe open adoption can provide the best possible outcome for everyone involved. We hope to build life-long, positive relationships with the birth family who will serve as an additional place for the child to find comfort, ideas, information, and love. We hope to honor the birth family by sharing photos, celebrating the child’s cultural heritage and developing new traditions together. We wish you strength and peace in your journey, and thank you for considering us.

Theresa & Brian

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