Brian and Rus


Hello, we are Brian and Rus. We live in Seattle, Washington and this is us!

We met online in the fall of 2014 and went on our first date to a haunted farm. Rus asked Brian to be the “brave one” and walk ahead. It didn’t work, Rus was still scared! Though we had a great time, and made some fun memories, Rus doesn’t like going to haunted attractions every year—they are too scary! As we got to know each other, we bonded over our love of Seattle, road trips, sitcoms, musicals, kitties, and many other silly (and not so silly) things. We got married in 2018 and immediately shared our hopes of starting a family one day soon and cannot wait to share the unconditional love we have for each other with our child.

Rus enjoys working with people, especially one-on-one. His experiences have ranged from providing care to individuals with quadriplegia, tutoring English, running a food bank (for 7 years), and coordinating volunteer groups. For the past 5 years, Rus has been a massage therapist and really loves it. Helping people, doing charitable work, spiritual learning, introspection and self-improvement are also very important to Rus. But such pursuits sometimes make him take life, and himself, too seriously. Rus loves that Brian can always pull him out of his thoughts, make him laugh, and appreciate the moment. In his spare time, Rus loves playing video games, reading, and getting out of the house to spend time in nature or visit family.

Brian has worked as a kindergarten teacher for 7 years. He loves working with students, and has the joy, excitement, and energy that helps him keep up with them! Brian is a natural teacher and always thinks of different ways to help a child learn about, and understand, the world around them. Outside work, he loves cooking, cleaning, crafting, and decorating/remodeling their home. Since he was little, Brian has dreamed of his family living in a beautiful, warm, and inviting place filled with antique and refurbished furniture and other handmade creations. Brian’s favorite albums are soundtracks to The Lion King and Wicked, which he loves to belt out when driving.

Our family values include kindness, creativity, honesty, openness, love of nature, and compassion to humanity. We want to teach our child all of these values, and more! Because Rus grew up in an open adoption himself, it has always been a top priority for him. We both believe that having a relationship with our child’s birth family will give our child the best chance to become a healthy and secure adult. We look forward to making a connection with our child’s birth family and will welcome them to become a part of our family. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about us.

Be well,

Rus & Brian

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