Brian and Kelley


Hi we’re Brian and Kelley. We live in Southern California with our dog, Maddie and cat, Katie, our fluffy little family. We’ve been married for over twenty years and still make it a priority to hold hands and randomly dance in public. We believe in showing people you love them every day and celebrating the little things in life.

Brian comes from northern New Jersey, and went to the University of South Carolina on a swimming scholarship, where he met Kelley. Kelley is from South Carolina and although both of our families still live back east, between texts, phone calls, email, and plane trips, we manage to stay close to them. We plan to move back there within the next few years to be closer to our parents as they get older.

Brian is a high school special education teacher as well as the athletic trainer for all of his school’s teams. Any time someone needs medical assistance he’s the first one they call. Kelley has worked for the same retailer since graduating college and currently is the supervisor of the claims department. In our spare time Brian likes watching old westerns and taking Maddie to the dog park. Most evenings you can find Kelley reading things on the laptop. Her answer to any question is “go Google it and find out”. There have been many times she’s looked up and realized she’s just spent a couple hours reading about the most random things. We both absolutely love to go to Disneyland and are there at least a couple of times a month. Whether it’s riding the rides, catching the fireworks (Kelley’s favorite), or just getting a bite to eat and people watching, we always have a great time. It’s a place where you can be a responsible adult and a silly kid at the same time.

How Kelley describes Brian

I always describe Brian to people as an overgrown boy scout. We joke in my family that when the zombie apocalypse happens he’s the person you want around. He has an emergency medical kit packed for any situation, including extra dog and cat food in his truck in case he sees any strays. Brian is the kind of guy who, when seeing someone struggling to get a stroller off of a plane, will pick it up and carry it for them. He is always surprising me with the most random bits of history facts that he drops into a conversation. I must confess he also has an amazing ability for really goofy puns and jokes, but it’s part of his charm.

How Brian describes Kelley

Kelley has a smile that can light up the room. Between her ability to plan, organize and go completely over the top on things, she throws the best parties.  Kelley is one of the smartest, wittiest people I know.  She is a meticulous decorator; our house looks great normally, but for events, it’s magical. For as long as I have known her, she is, as our niece has said, “The Cool Aunt.” The one who is so fun to hang out with. She organizes these crazy family trips to Washington DC, Disney World and Disneyland, not just for the two of us but for our extended family as well. As one who makes emergency kits for all occasions, I pack what I feel I would need to thrive. In truth, the contents of those kits pale in comparison to Kelley.  She is all I need in any circumstance. She is creative, resourceful, and has an amazing capacity to prioritize the needs of any situation.

Why we chose open adoption

After trying unsuccessfully to have kids we had resigned ourselves to being an awesome aunt and uncle. After a couple of years we realized we still had a hole in our hearts and decided on adoption. We chose open adoption because we feel it’s important for a child to have a sense of connection and to know where they come from. Even though we plan to move back east, we want to include our child’s birth parents in our family and in our lives. We’ve stayed close to our families through phone calls, texts, and cross country visits and want to do the same with you.

Brian and Kelley

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