Brett and Sarah


Hi! We are Brett and Sarah, two outgoing homebodies living in the Portland suburbs with our dogs Ackley and Zeva. We met in 2009 when Sarah took a job at the same company as Brett in Tacoma, WA. Although there was an instant spark, we spent the next year developing our friendship before we started dating. It is funny how things work out though because we only dated for six months before we got engaged. Our marriage is built on honesty, love, laughter, and respect. We look forward to sharing these values as adoptive parents in the future.

Sarah was born and raised in Lacey, Washington with her two brothers. She grew up surrounded by sports and is a great basketball player. She also loves to be creative, trying out new dinner recipes and appreciates a good musical (she even knows how to play the violin)! Sarah is empathetic, nurturing, ambitious, and kind. She loves building friendships with everyone she meets and always sees the good in people. Giving back and making a difference in the community is important for Sarah, which guided her career in the non-profit industry. She currently runs a local non-profit that provides services for children and families battling childhood cancer.

Brett grew up in Gresham, Oregon and has a younger brother and sister. He loves all sports, but baseball is definitely his favorite. His love for sports has impacted his career, as he is in a leadership role for a local sports team in the Portland area. Brett has found a passion for gardening and has been known to spend hours working in his own yard on a warm summer day. He too loves musicals and also loves a good Disney movie (he knows all the words to “Let It Go” from Frozen)! Brett is kind, compassionate, funny, and welcoming. He wants people to feel comfortable and at ease and often times inserts a “dad joke” to create laughter and happiness to those around him.

We make it a point to have joy and love fill our home. We appreciate the quiet, simple moments together as much as we do the fun and adventurous ones. There are many Friday and Saturday nights where you can find us having a “date-night-in” starting with cheese and crackers, a competitive game of Rummy-500 and ending with a movie. We also like to spend weekends with our families, whether having a low-key family dinner or creating new, fun traditions with our nieces and nephews. We recently started a new tradition to have a Halloween party that includes bingo, cake walks, and costume contests for the kids and adults.

We have always dreamed of becoming parents. After struggling with infertility, we began to feel it in our hearts that open adoption was the path for us to complete our family. We love that open adoption provides an honest, loving, and inclusive upbringing for a child and their birth family. We appreciate that it honors the importance of a child knowing their roots and having a relationship with their birth parents. Our hope is to provide a stable, warm, and inviting space for all to feel loved and welcome through an open adoption. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to learn a little more about us!

With Warmth and Love,

Brett and Sarah

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