Brenda and Jeff



We are Brenda and Jeff!  We are very excited and honored to be embarking on this journey.  Thank you for taking the time to read about us and hope you have a chance to look at our family book as well.  We are trusting and loving people who are very family oriented and look forward to the day when we grow our family and raise a child together.

We met in 2012 through a dating site.  Our first date was great.  From the moment we met in person it was really easy and comfortable.  We realized early on that we have almost an identical sense of humor. We ended up talking for over three hours over dinner, and by our second date we knew we had something special.  In October of 2013, we got married at St. Jude’s Catholic Church where we celebrated our new life together with many family and friends.  We recently bought a brand new home in Washington with the hope of raising a family.

Growing up, we were both raised in the typical American family unit.  We are still close with our families, all of who live nearby.  Brenda played numerous sports in high school and was also a cheerleader.  She attended the University of Washington and got her degree in accounting.  Now, Brenda works for a consulting firm in the local area.  Brenda is very loving and caring with a tremendous sense of humor.  She loves her four nieces and one nephew and eagerly awaits the opportunity to raise a child of her own.  Like Brenda, Jeff was athletic in high school.  He attended Washington State University (GO COUGS!) and got his degree in landscape architecture.  After college, he found his dream job and designed golf courses in Florida for twelve years. He eventually moved back to Washington and was excited to be closer to his family. He now works in sales. He can’t wait for the day to raise a child and teach them about life, play catch in the back yard, and watch them grow into a successful and caring individual.

Some of our favorite activities are golfing and cooking. We golf regularly in the summer, and Jeff golfs with his friends every Saturday rain or shine. We love home cooked meals and we usually cook every night of the week.  Brenda makes a great lasagna and Jeff makes delicious macaroni and cheese and chocolate chip cookies.  During the work week we enjoy watching our favorite TV shows.  We also enjoy going to movies and meeting up with family and friends.  Traveling is important to us. We take a couple trips a year either to relax on the beach or do something fun and adventurous.

We have always wanted children.  After years of trying to get pregnant, we started to look at other avenues from fertility treatment to adoption and found adoption really spoke to us.  We spent a lot of time learning about adoption and discovered that having an open adoption was how we felt most comfortable.  We will bring our personal values of respect, honesty, and kindness to our open adoption relationship. We believe open adoption is best for the child and the birth family.  In an open adoption, our child will have a sense of connection and completeness by maintaining a relationship with their birth family.  We believe an open adoption provides the opportunity for our child to feel loved by all the important people in their life.  We look forward to growing new relationships and extending our family.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us and we wish you nothing but the best!

Brenda and Jeff

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