Brander and Evan


Hi, we’re Brander and Evan. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We met in college when we worked together on campus one summer. Brander liked that Evan always made him laugh, and Evan had never met someone so caring and genuine. Thirteen years later, we’re still laughing together and supporting each other as we tackle new adventures. We couldn’t be more excited to become parents and grow our family through open adoption.

We live in a quiet neighborhood in Seattle in an old craftsman-style house that we’ve been slowly decorating and restoring. Brander is the handy one, but Evan is eagerly learning! Much of our lives are centered around friends and family, and we love hosting potlucks and get-togethers. We like exploring new restaurants around Seattle and then recreating our favorite dishes at home. Evan cooks, and Brander cleans, which works great for us. We love going to plays (musicals for Evan, dramas for Brander) and catching outdoor concerts when the weather is nice.

Brander grew up in a small town (think one-stop-light small, and everyone knows each other) in northeast Oregon. From a young age, Brander was creative and musical, learning to play the bagpipes and piano, which he still enjoys playing. He studied music performance and economics in college, and now works at a small financial company that helps people meet their financial goals. He loves being the finance guru for our friends and family. At home, he enjoys watching silly science fiction shows, like Dr. Who, and putting his love for architecture and design to good use on projects around the house.

Evan is originally from the Bay Area in California, but now happily calls the Pacific Northwest home. He works at colleges and universities, helping students make the most of their college experience and explore their leadership style and career interests. At home, Evan can often be found in the kitchen perfecting recipes; coffee ice cream, buttermilk biscuits, and Chili Verde are family favorites. He loves to read and has filled the house with bookshelves crammed full of science fiction, memoirs, and mysteries. His guilty pleasure is reality TV competition shows and cheesy romcoms.

We are excited to grow our family through open adoption. We want our child to know that they are surrounded by a community that loves them, including birth family, friends, and relatives. We want to create an environment where our child can develop a strong sense of who they are and where they come from, and we see open adoption at the heart of this. We’ve wanted to be parents for years. With the support of our community, we know we can create a home where our child can grow and thrive and feel free to explore their passions. We are excited to welcome birthparents and their family into our lives and create a world for our child where they know how much they are loved.

Thank you for reading our letter. We look forward to getting to know you.

Brander & Evan

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