Brad and Kendra


Hello! We are Brad & Kendra from Seattle.

We “officially” started dating in November of 2003 but other people would say that we were together well before then. We first became good friends while working together on a mission trip with our high school (yup, we’re high school sweethearts).  We got married in July of 2006, after Brad graduated college and Kendra was entering her junior year. Almost 10 years later, our relationship is loving and strong.

In 2008 we purchased our home in a quiet, suburban area near restaurants, shops, and schools. We are close friends with our next-door neighbors and have good friends who live just a couple minutes down the road. Both families have young kids who will make great playmates for our children.

We are both nerds at heart. Brad is a computer consultant who owns a tech support company that helps people and businesses with all of their technology needs. Working for himself, Brad is doing work he loves and gets to create his own schedule around family priorities. Kendra is an electrical engineer who designs computer servers. It is a challenging job but amazing to see the product come to market. Kendra also runs a popular blog where she shares her crafts, recipes, and stories about life in general.

In addition to the two of us, we also have our four furry animals at home; 2 cats – Pixel & Pico and 2 dogs – Princess (Chiweenie, which is a Chihuahua & Dachshund mix), and Pip (Chihuahua). Each of them have their own little personalities and enjoy giving love to everybody who comes in our home.

One of our favorite things to do is travel. Each year we try to visit at least one place where we have never been (often this leads us to a warm beach in the Caribbean). We try to do activities unique to each location. Some of our past adventures have included watching the final NASA shuttle launch in Orlando, snorkeling with a shark in Turks & Caicos, and having a 747 fly just feet above our heads in St Maarten. We want to continue to travel regularly with our children and show them this amazing world that we live in.

Both of us have laid-back personalities and look forward to sharing our hobbies and interests with our future children. Brad loves golfing and will be a great at teaching our kids how to play.  Kendra loves to craft and works to create Pinterest-worthy projects. During the week, we tend to have relaxed nights at home where we cook dinner and watch TV with the animals while Kendra works on blog posts. On weekends we hang out with friends, work on house projects, and enjoy time together.

We attend the church that Kendra grew up in and many members have known her since she was born. Everybody has been welcoming of our adoption journey and looks forward to supporting our children through all the milestones of their lives. Kendra’s parents attend the same church as well, so our kids will get to spend time with a set of loving grandparents weekly.

Both of our families live about 20 minutes away; we see them often and they can’t wait for their first grandchild. We look forward to continuing family traditions of Santa pictures, overflowing Christmas stockings, and celebrating holidays with extended family. Our children will also have a wonderful time going on adventures with their grandparents such as to the zoo or the local children’s museum.

We have been open to adoption from the beginning of our relationship. Kendra’s brother is adopted so it has always been a natural answer for growing our family.  We look forward to enriching our immediate and extended family by welcoming a baby and a birth family into our lives. We imagine you’ll want to experience all of the wonderful accomplishments this child will have throughout their lives. We also honor that our child will want to know you deeply as well and can’t wait to see you have an ongoing relationship.

Thanks for taking the time to read our letter and we hope to get to know you better soon.

Brad & Kendra

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