Bill and Justin



Our names are Bill (on the right) and Justin (on the left), and our friends affectionately call us ‘Bustin’! We first met in 2003, and after going for coffee on our first date, we have pretty much been at each other’s side ever since. We value honesty, stability and fun in our relationship together, and feel lucky to have found each other! We live in a townhouse in an urban neighborhood with our two “furchildren” – a Golden Retriever, Kaiser, who is always eager for treats; and a shy grey house cat, Belle.

Bill works for the government, while Justin is a software engineer. Both of our jobs are in downtown Seattle, and we often commute together by bus, walking, or bike. We both find our commute home to be just the right length to ensure that work stuff stays at work, instead of coming home with us. Work/life balance is very important to both of us already, and we know that this will be even more of a priority once we become parents.

Justin grew up in a Navy town a short ferry ride away from where we live now. While he’s an only child, his extended family is quite large, and he grew up close to them, living next door to his grandparents. He was active in band (playing trombone) starting in elementary school, and continuing through college. From an early age, he was very curious about how things work and what makes things tick, so his decision to study computer engineering at the University of Washington was a great fit.

Bill grew up as one of four children in the suburbs of Seattle, where he was the second oldest in the family. His family enjoyed celebrating the holidays, and in the summer they would go camping and visit family in eastern Washington. Bill found strong and supportive connections through a youth leadership program, and these people became a second family to him. He was the first person in his family to receive a college degree, a goal he worked hard to achieve.

We have a cabin in North Central Washington that has become our second home. We spend as much time as we can up there, and it’s where we started cross-country skiing, mountain biking and trail running. We also learned that bears are amazing animals, but you don’t want them rooting around in your car! We have a warm community of friends there who are nearly as excited as we are to share the area with our future child; including playing in the snow in the winter and exploring the forests in the summer.

In our younger years, we focused on sharing outdoor adventures, traveling to some amazing places, exploring career paths, and enjoying life in the city together – not yet seriously considering parenthood for ourselves. However, bit by bit, we have felt this inner desire to raise a child. We are friends with a number of couples who have adopted through OA&FS, and we have watched their journey to parenthood – seeing their babies grow into little people. We learned about how openness with their child’s birth families has been a profound experience, and how they have truly been able to integrate more family into their lives. While neither of us said it specifically, we had both come to the same conclusion: we wanted to become parents, and the time feels right for us. We both have jobs that are supportive of having a child, including allowing us to take a significant amount of time off of work when the child is born.

We hope to raise a child who is curious, adventurous, and who cares about the world and people around them. Because we envision having a genuine connection and relationship with our child’s birth family, openness about their origins will be an integral part of their life from the beginning. We are excited to have you and your family to be a key part of the child’s life.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!


Bill & Justin

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