Betty and Jim


Dear Birthparents,

We are thinking of you tonight. We know that you are making a hard decision in your life and we are moved by the strength it takes. We hope that you will be touched by the simple good things in life: comfort in warm blankets, favorite foods and shows, gentle rain and open air.

Betty cares for a lot of different animals like puppies, barn cats, and even potbellied pigs in her work as a veterinarian. James works with non-profit organizations to save turtle and other wildlife habitat in Oregon. Animals have a special place in our hearts. At home, we love taking our little dog “Baba” on hikes and long walks through the city. He is always ready for a new adventure! You say, “Come on! Hop in the bike trailer!” and he is ready to go with tail wagging. We are uplifted by his soft gentle spirit and unconditional love. We hope that you find this kind of kindness and acceptance as well.

We love sitting down to share a good meal and relaxing together surrounded by our pets Baba, Nina, Carter, Moksha. We eat a wide variety of foods ranging from delicious dumplings with recipes passed down from Betty’s mother to James’ mean mashed potatoes using rutabagas from our garden that add a rich savory and sweet taste!

We feel fortunate to have met later in life after we have both learned how to care for ourselves, be responsible with finances, and have fun! We hope to spend many days as a family exploring the great outdoors hiking in the Gorge, camping in Yellowstone National Park, exploring tide pools on the coast, watching ospreys hunt for fish on the Willamette River, looking for tadpoles and frogs, hunting mushrooms for dinner in the forest, or strolling through a spring meadow admiring wildflowers. We truly desire to give a child loving care and help his/her life blossom into the best person he/she can be. We want to provide a safe and comfortable environment to help guide their development and give them every opportunity to discover their talents and joys in life.

We hope to get to know you through the open adoption process. We believe in honest communication and that our child will have the highest sense of security and satisfaction in life through knowing their full story.

May you be well,

Betty and James