Betsy and Mike


Hi there, we are Betsy, Mike, and Jack.

We live with our two dogs in a house in Seattle that Betsy has spent the past two years renovating.

We met in college and connected easily from the beginning. We dated for seven years before getting married in Phoenix, where Mike grew up. Betsy grew up in Seattle and we have lots of family and friends in both cities. We like trying new stuff, whether that’s learning to tile floors or cooking our way through the too-many cookbooks we own. We value creativity, a good sense of humor and empathy – values we hope to pass onto our children.

Mike is resourceful. He has turned a hobby into a business that supports our family, working full time training baseball players and adapting to the ever-evolving business challenges that arise. He is generous with his time and turns everything from chores to family board games into an enjoyable experience with his humor and good-natured spirit.

Betsy is kind, thoughtful and perceptive. Mike jokes that she should be a detective because she has a great memory and attention to detail. She is the kind of person who spends 12 hours making elaborate cakes for birthdays. She has a passion for gardening and sports, including her recent rediscovered love of running, which expanded our Seattle community. The arrival of our biological son, Jack (while Betsy was in graduate school) spurred her to shift to full-time parenting, where her caring nature and creativity flourish.

Jack (6) is curious, loving and resilient. He loves dinosaurs and ice skating. Having one parent staying at home has provided the flexibility and support that works great for our family now, and has allowed for quality time in our son’s early years. We look forward to sharing that with our next child. When we became parents, we quickly understood that our role is to help guide our child through the world. Watching Jack grow has changed our lives. We’ve enjoyed big milestones like sending him to kindergarten and small things like listening to him laugh at a book Mike’s reading.

We have been through a lot trying to add to our family. Struggling with infertility brought us closer together and provided clarity on what draws us to continue to grow our family. We love being parents and are excited for the opportunity to grow our family through open adoption.
We are choosing an open adoption because we believe wholeheartedly that it is the best option for our child. We embrace that it takes a village to raise children and hope our future child’s birth family will play an important role. We aspire to have a relationship where we share in the dreams for our child to feel loved and supported in all ways as they grow into the person they wish to be. We hope to nurture a relationship with open communication that models respect and kindness for our shared child as they benefit from all the love that surrounds them.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about our family. We wish you all the best.
– Betsy & Mike

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